Two cowboys abduct a rape victim at gun point
Rape victim abducted at gunpoint in the desertCowboy holds down a rape victim while a tattooed guy fucks him
Muscle guy yells as he gets tied down and raped
Bearded muscle guy hold down a guy while he gets rapedVictim cries out in pain as he gets held down and raped

There's only one thing wrong with this video from Raging Stallion's new site Condoms. Other than the condoms it's an incredible scene. In fact it's so incredible that even with the condoms I thought I'd post it here.

I was looking through the videos from Fetish Force - looking for scenes for my fetish site - Twisted Pig. To me this video is incredible. To me sex is about power, control and submission, so a rape scene is perfect. And a rape scene with 3 hot hunky guys is even better.

The "rape victim" is blond muscle boy Scott Tanner. The two rapists are both heavily tattooed. There's Logan McCree (the thinner one) and Ricky Sinz (the more muscle bound guy). From the looks of it Scott is really resisting and struggling to get free. He doesn't like getting fucked - it hurts and lets everyone in earshot know it. But luckily their in the middle of a desert and no one hears him...

Of course real rape isn't such a good idea. Scott's boner in the picture below sorta sums things up... Deep down he loves getting manhandled and abused. I've talked to enough guys who've been raped when they were young to know they often get to the point where the get turned on by the idea of being raped. At which point it stops being rape.

For more extreme sex (unfortunately with condoms), check out Fetish Force...

Rape victim gets manhandled by two tattooed rapists
Helpless guy is held down and raped by two tattooed studsBeautiful hairy ass gets fucked by a big dick
Ricky Sinz rapes Scott Tanner while Logan McCree holds down the victim
Guy struggles to get free as he's violated by two tattooed rapists
Scott Tanner screams for help while he's getting raped

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