Tag/Concept: Blindfolds

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  • blindfold (singular)
  • blindfolded
  • Blindfolded Bareback Bottoms

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BBBH: Leather studs sure love their orgies, perfect to fuck raw, rough and with no strings but a pleasurable fuck. ;)

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BBBH: Bet many bottoms here would love that sling spot. Legs up, spread and hole exposed in front of all those horny men. Fuck yes! ;)

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BBBH: Sexy as fuck! Adam Russo is the definition of a DILF. ;)

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BBBH: Adam Russo is such a hot pig already, but put him with a bunch of muscle jocks and he goes as wild as he can get ;)

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BBBH: As if you’d pass on an all-you-can-eat ass buffet too. Rimming is fucking sexy, wouldn’t you agree?

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BBBH: Sometimes one hole just isn’t enough for a bunch of horny tops. They’ll get to fucking each other as well. ;)

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BBBH: Ever been to a sex party/orgy? Where would you love to be? Welcoming every dick? Unloading on every ass?

BBBH: Those daddies are not giving that pig a break, spitroasting, blowing him off and getting off on the show ;)

BBBH: That pig doesn’t care who’s fucking his hole, poz or not, he’ll take any load ;)

SpunkBud: There is a story behind this, and I bet it’s as hot as it looks.

HotNakedMuscle: Hottest pic I’ve seen in days

BBBH: Wish more hot bottoms were into blindfolded pump-n-dumps.