Nate in football bads tied up
Spencer ties up beefy Nate KarltonNate is handcuffed
Beefy Spencer and Nate in football gearHairy Spencer Reed tying down Nate Karlton

Sex-driven quarterbacks will stop at nothing to score some touchdowns and some ass, and you'll see just how driven they are on

The men on this scene are not your typical jocks, they are a bit older, in their thirties, but, boy, they are hard and rugged, muscular and manly, with sexy beards and mischievous smiles. Quarterback Spencer Reed kidnaps Nate Karlton, a player of the other team, and bound and blindfolded him, while torturing with slaps and a football. Spencer takes good care of Nate's body, eliciting moans of mixed pleasure and pain. Spencer jerks him off a little bit, before making him bend over a bench and start eating his ass... if you want to know what's next, you'll have to check the whole scene.

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Spencer strokes Nates cock while he is blindfolded
Bearded Spencer Reed plays with Nate's jocked ass
Spencer dives in tongue into Nate's hot ass

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