Antonio enjoys Matthieu's hot young ass
Matthieu Paris fed Antonio's fat cockAntonio gets a taste of Matthieu's hot ass
Antnio Biaggo srwist deep in Matthieu Paris' hot ass

Despite its name isn’t a one trick pony. It is known for one thing and it does it well (very well) but it’s got something for everyone and a little for non fisters as well. Interracial, leather, sounding, piss it’s got a lot more than puckered holes and disappearing arms. Though most do come as a side dish to the five fingered main course.

The clip starts with Antonio Biagg voraciously eating Matthieu Paris’s ass. It’s a thing to watch. He is on it like a starving man given a sandwich. We get a wonderful view of Matthieu’s tight un-stretched ass as Antonio violently spears it with his impressively large tongue. From there we go to Antonio fucking Matthieu with his equally impressive tool. Slipping his hand up there to keep his cock company. The last segment of the clip is Antonio straight fisting Matthieu. Popping his wrist in and out as Matts ass grips and releases. Antonio shoves his arm as far as he can get it before going at it with the same fervor we saw at the beginning of the clip. Matt eventually has to cry stop. His poor ass all worn out.

There is a ton more of this video. Hell there are a ton more videos at They are all hot and all worth a look.

Matthieu Paris' pink gaping holeAntonio works his fist into Matthieu's hairy hole
Matthieu bends over for Antnio's handMatthieu Paris getting his ass opened up by Antonio Biaggi
Antonio Biaggi's arm opens up Matthieu's tight hole

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