Two cowboys abduct a rape victim at gun point
Victim cries out in pain as he gets held down and rapedBearded muscle guy hold down a guy while he gets raped
Muscle guy yells as he gets tied down and raped

For some of the most hardcore, boundary pushing videos around, the place to go is Fetish Force.  The videos are incredibly intense and the guys are slammin' hot.  In this rape scene, Scott Tanner is forced at gun point to spread his hole for the immensely hot, Logan McCree, (the one with his entire body covered in ink) and Ricky Sinz, who just gets sexier and sexier in every video he does.  (And with the new beard, he looks a bit like Logan's real life boyfriend Vinnie D'Angelo.)  The three guys in this video are unbelievable hot and watching Logan and Ricky take advantage of Scott's sweet ass, made my cock so hard and juicy, I had to watch it twice to cum again.  I bet you will too.

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