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Fans of piss play, whether as hoser or guzzler, will love Jayden's Double Hosedown from Boys-Pissing.com. Provided you like twinks, of course. Jayden, the piss bottom, takes on Ryan Conners and Rad Matthews. Both boys have really nice, juicy cocks and Jayden looks damn hot slurping the fat stogies down his young, eager throat.

As hot as it is to watch someone so young and innocent looking as Jayden be as depraved and piggy as his elder counterparts, I can't help but wonder how amazing that he's so willing. He seems to like it so much! When I was his age I never would have thought I'd get off on piss play. In fact, I would just shudder and go "Eeeeeeeeeeeeew!" Still can't help but wonder, looks like they've got parquet floors. Who's cleaning that up?

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