Two cowboys abduct a rape victim at gun point
Rape victim abducted at gunpoint in the desertCowboy holds down a rape victim while a tattooed guy fucks him
Tattooed Logan McCree rapes Scott TannerVictim cries out in pain as he gets held down and raped
Muscle guy yells as he gets tied down and raped

Thank you Fetish Force. I love to see porn stars acting. And it’s a western! Who doesn’t love a good western? Guns, boots, wrangler buts, and the occasional violent rough and tumble fucking; all the classic tropes of the genre. Throw in some gun play, and a resistant bottom that needs to be broken in like a mare in heat, and I think we struck gold.

Scott Tanner is the bottom in this scene. I am not sure what he did to get Logan McCree, and Ricky Sinz so riled up but if it were me, I would do it again. Logan and Ricky each get a turn ridding Tanners ass. Whichever one not fucking the poor bastard is holding him down. In the end they all cum, so I think a good time was had by all. If not at least I enjoyed watching it.

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Rape victim gets manhandled by two tattooed rapists
Guy struggles to get free as he's violated by two tattooed rapists
Rape victim has a hardon while he's held down and violatedBeautiful hairy ass gets fucked by a big dick
Ricky Sinz rapes Scott Tanner while Logan McCree holds down the victim
Scott Tanner screams for help while he's getting raped

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