Lee inserts a flashlight into his cock
Lee makes his cock glow from the flashlight in his dick
Beefy Lee Dakota using pliers as a sounding rod

Today FetishForce.com gives us a hot bear dick sounding video. Something that always impressed me with sounding (using actual sounds) was that the sounds are significantly longer that your dick… unless you have an impressively long dick... and they just disappear down your piss hole. It’s like a magic act. The first time I was sounded I couldn’t imagine taking the whole piece of steel but it just glided in. I felt a little like the rock Excalibur was in.

This guy Lee Dakota goes well beyond the sterile sounds I have been subjected to. In the clip he moved from thick metal sounds to pliers and then a novelty flash light that lights up his cock from the inside out. Not the one in the photos by the way, this one is larger. Lee probes his dick with the flash lights cone shaped tip. Each time he pushes it in he pushes it a little further. That is one stretched out piss hole.

To add a little bit more pain and pleasure to this cock abuse. We also have Luke Montana takes a turn at Lee’s privates. He administers a collection of sounds while putting Lee’s hefty balls in a vice, slowly increasing the pressure while fucking Lee’s worked over dick with an array of rods.

If you’re enjoying these pics and the clip head over to FetishForce.com you will find more sounding videos and practically every other dirty little fetish you can think of waiting for you.

Beefy daddy Lee Dakota inserts a thick rod into his cockBeefy Luke Montana inserts a sounding rod into his hard cock
Luke's balls pressed into a vice, with a sounding rod in his dick
Lukes hard cock with a sounding rod in and a vice on his balls

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