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Guy pushes his hand and cock up a fisting bottom's ass is a hot studio that has thing for the raunchy. They also enjoy taking “straight” guys out of their comfort zone in “gay for pay” films. The idea being a straight guy (This time Keith.) can justify the fact that he is fucking dudes by telling himself that it’s just a job. After a certain point I think that argument loses some of its credibility. In this case I would put that point wrist deep up Rocks ass. But that’s just me.

I find the clip hot as hell. Keith seems very concerned that someone might mistake his hesitant probing of Rocks up turned ass for the hesitant probes of an experienced hole puncher. He repeatedly tells Rock this is his first time. Rock is happy to lead him hand in arm ass down the path of the veteran fister. First telling him to start with two fingers and work his way up, and then that he should use plenty of lube. Personally I don’t care if you are farting elbow grease for a week; there is no such thing as too much lube.

The clip ends far too soon. Once our little straight boy loosens up Rocks man-cunt he is going to fuck it. The pics are nice but if you want to see the real thing go to

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