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I get charged when I chat with bottoms into anal play… mainly the ones who get fisted or wanna try it… I sometimes slip and call them a cunt. Been slapped down by a few. I get an indignant: I'm a man! Hell, I know that! But there's something hot when you talk dirty about another guy's mancunt. I think Butch Grand and Aitor Crash, in this scene Alpha Male Fuckers would agree.

Example. There was this butch, hairy fucker from Texas who invited me to a sex party. When I got there, he was in a sling with a bald guy's forearm half gone. The host saw me and pushed the arm out of his ass. He wanted my fist. I started punch fucking his sloppy hole like I was reaching in for cattle. Then he had me stop and shove my cock inside him. The bald guy crawled between my legs, shoved his fist inside the host and grabbed my cock.

"Now jerk his cock off inside my cunt!" It was all the host said. Three pumps later and I sprayed my load inside the man's cunt. Yeah. Some guys like it like that. Shoulda seen him when I called it his pussy!

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