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Young twink face fucked establishes the premise of a kinky doctor taking advantage of his naive patients, but I find it hard to believe the doctor was able to justify the bondage cuffs, oral sex, rimming and fucking I see all over his site as medically necessary.

Asians as a type never did it for me. I tend to go for the burly scary looking mother fuckers in leather. That said there is still plenty to like about this post. I think the pic with the dental vice holding the patients’ mouth open as he gets a warm helping of doctor jizz is one of the hottest things I have seen in recent memory.

Jimmy (the patient) is a hot fuckable twink with a tight little ass that you could really enjoy spending a few hours playing with. The Kinky Doctor, aka Albert aka Dr Twink seems to agree. After taking the bois blood pressure he goes right for that ass. He starts with a little digital examination then because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure he administers a milk enema. I am sure there is something to be said about the symbolism of milk and the innocence of our patient/victim, but seeing as how the innocent victim dives head first in to the doctors pants later I think it would be a waited analogy.

Judging by the number of real life Doms I have hooked up with that work in the medical field I am considering starting to troll the ERs. Though for convenience sake I may just troll instead.

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