Chad lays back on the bike while Damon licks his balls
Damon strokes Chad's wet cock
Chad slides his raw dick into Damon's hot ass

I was lucky enough to meet Damon Dogg a year and a half ago at a porn conference in Phoenix. Great guy. But one of the first things that struck me about it was that he rode to Phoenix on his motorcycle from L.A. It's "just" a 5 1/2 hour trip, but still - it's pretty long trip when you're on a motorcycle.

So to say the least Damon is rather attached to his bike. In this scene from his site you see he even has sex on it. And the top fucking him is one of my idols - Chad Brock. I think Chad is SO fucking hot. Hell, I'd bottom for him if he wanted to fuck me. I've heard rumors about him converting guys. And yes, I'm so into him I'd let him convert me. I mean if you're going to carry on someone's HIV strain it should be someone hot, right? And Chad definitely qualifies on that front.

But Damon did manage to get Chad to take out his prince albert before fucking him. Visually I think the PA is uber hot, but I can't imagine getting fucked by one. I know Dawson won't get fucked with a PA and it appears Damon has the same policy.

So super hot top, and of course Damon Dogg is a pretty perfect bottom. I mean he's literally built to fuck and lord knows how many loads of cum he's gotten up his ass over the years. My one regret in meeting him was not fucking him. I was stupidly in business mode. I should have taken the opportunity. At first I didn't think he'd be interested. But in hindsight he may very well have been up for it.

I see the sales stats for a lot of sites and of all the bareback sites out there I gotta say you guys definitely seem to love DamonDoggXXX - it's the real thing. Check it out!

Damon getting his ass fucked on the bike by Chad
Chad Brock pounds Damon's hole on the bike


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