Tag/Concept: Sex Toys

Jayson Sucks OMFG's Huge Black Dick
5:10, 81K views,
30 ratings, 👍 >100%

BBBH: Daddy sluts love rough tops, big dicks and messy loads. This one went for the full package with that black stallion on top. ;)

Michael And 12 Inch Dildo
5:05, 19K views,
1 ratings, 👍 50%
Ass Fucking With Double Ended Dildo
5:09, 220K views,
33 ratings, 👍 >100%

BBBH: Some daddies love nothing more than a thick, lubed cock drilling their holes. Tops - Wouldn’t you love to fill one up?

Brad Taking Dildos, Anal Beads And More
5:10, 23K views,
3 ratings, 👍 50%
Working Men Fisting And Playing With Massive Dildos
5:10, 101K views,
17 ratings, 👍 97%

BBBH: These hunks couldn’t wait getting back to camp before having some raw fun in the woods. Good thing the top brought some toys to prep the slut. ;)

Jesse's Hole Played Around By Lord And His Toys
5:10, 27K views,
2 ratings, 👍 50%
Slave being fucked and forced to suck Daddy's dick
5:10, 154K views,
66 ratings, 👍 96%

BBBH: Fuck yeah! I’d take all the loads from a muscled hunk like that, no questions asked, no holes barred! Woof!

Matthias Spread For Big Hairy Stud's Fists
5:10, 28K views,
6 ratings, 👍 83%
Nasty Ass Pigs Orgy
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59 ratings, 👍 89%

BBBH: Bottoms can’t get enough black dick in their asses. Twink or bear, they crave for it, balls deep, spreading them up. ;)

Tommy Shamelessly Fists Matthieu
5:10, 23K views,
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Adam's Sling Fuck And Cock Train
5:10, 69K views,
39 ratings, 👍 88%

BBBH: Bottoms are meant to be fucked hard, deep and rough. Especially since they love getting their hole filled. ;)

Violator Shoves Tattooed Arm Up Slut
5:10, 17K views,
1 ratings, 👍 50%

BBBH: Fuck yes! Hung bottoms are really sexy, especially when they’re hard and throbbing from taking dick alone. ;)

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