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Furry Bears Torture Balls And Sound Dicks @ Fetish Force

Lee inserts a flashlight into his cock
Lee makes his cock glow from the flashlight in his dick
Beefy Lee Dakota using pliers as a sounding rod

Today FetishForce.com gives us a hot bear dick sounding video. Something that always impressed me with sounding (using actual sounds) was that the sounds are significantly longer that your dick… unless you have an impressively long dick… and they just disappear down your piss hole. It’s like a magic act. The first time I was sounded I couldn’t imagine taking the whole piece of steel but it just glided in. I felt a little like the rock Excalibur was in.

This guy Lee Dakota goes well beyond the sterile sounds I have been subjected to. In the clip he moved from thick metal sounds to pliers and then a novelty flash light that lights up his cock from the inside out. Not the one in the photos by the way, this one is larger. Lee probes his dick with the flash lights cone shaped tip. Each time he pushes it in he pushes it a little further. That is one stretched out piss hole.

To add a little bit more pain and pleasure to this cock abuse. We also have Luke Montana takes a turn at Lee’s privates. He administers a collection of sounds while putting Lee’s hefty balls in a vice, slowly increasing the pressure while fucking Lee’s worked over dick with an array of rods.

If you’re enjoying these pics and the clip head over to FetishForce.com you will find more sounding videos and practically every other dirty little fetish you can think of waiting for you.

Beefy daddy Lee Dakota inserts a thick rod into his cockBeefy Luke Montana inserts a sounding rod into his hard cock
Luke's balls pressed into a vice, with a sounding rod in his dick
Lukes hard cock with a sounding rod in and a vice on his balls

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Hot Young Top Gets Serviced By His Puppy @ BoundGods.com

Luke Riley bound and plugged crawls to James Hamilton
James makes his slave Luke suck his cock while bound and plugged
Luke on his hands and knees worshiping James fat cock
Luke slobbers on James fat hard cock
Luke bound ass up so James can tongue his sweet hole
Luke forced down by James bare feet
James Hamilton makes his slave Luke Riley suck and lick his feet

Today BoundGods.com shows us that “ouch” doesn’t mean “stop.”

It’s hard to find a good puppy play scene. James Hamilton (Master), and Luke Riley (Bondage Boy) do a decent job with the admittedly niche fetish. The clip features a hobbled Luke giving James a no hands on all fours blow job with a pig tail butt plug jutting out of a well spanked ass.

This scene is full of impact play, bondage, and domination, with a little humiliation thrown in. Fans of rope bondage may want to take notes as there is some nice rope work on display. It’s not quite shibari but I think it has a nice aesthetic. Though that my appreciation of the aesthetic could be influenced by watching Luke’s already tender ass get caned and roughly fucked. The best part of this scene for me was watching Luke flinch while staying rock hard.

Now take your ass over to BoundGods.com. Don’t make me get my crop.

Luke Riley bound and blindfolded being abused by James Hmilton
James Hamilton punishes his slave Luke Riley's bubble butt
Luke Riley tied up and fucked by James Hamilton
Luke Riley bound and fucked deep by James Hamilton
Luke Riley bound getting his ass plowed deep

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Hot Session With CBT, Bondage & Crucifiction @ Bound Gods

hooded slave with master behind himpassionate kiss while hooded and bound
bound guy gets briefs ripped offmouse traps on cock and balls
booted master flogs bound slavebound and hoisted in mid-air
bound slave on knees sucking booted master's cockbooted master swings bound slave

With the way I’ve been feeling lately, this scene from Bound Gods, with Tober Brandt and Park Wiley, is one I could really sink my teeth into. The dark, edgy mindfuck of taking a willing slave (or not) and torturing them. Using and abusing every inch of their flesh and orifice, for my own dark, twisted, filthy, perverted pleasures until I am satisfied. To hell with whether or not he gets off. This is about me. The fact that Park Wiley gets off on the abuse is just cream on… well, where ever the fuck I please.

These scenes almost always look forced. But you can tell the guys are into it. The love the abuse. Pulling out the rope, mouse traps and paddles are just a game. When you have them hooded and they are dependent on you to keep them safe while taking them to the edge, pushing them over yet holding their hand so they don’t fall completely into the abyss of the BDSM mindfuck, is a rush like none other I have ever experienced. What I wouldn’t give to rope up some hot little fucker, hoist him up in the air as if crucified and just whale on them. You should my cock right now. Hard as a fucking rock. And if you think this is something, you should take a walk on the wild side at BoundGods.com. There’s a lot more scary shit on there guaranteed to make your skin crawl, your balls ache, and your cock burst out a heavy load without even touching yourself.

Tattooed guy kissing bound studSexy hunks together smiling

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Janitor Sadistically Abuses College Jock @ BoundGods.com

Creepy school janitor Rod Barry and young muscular student Ash BrooksSleazy janitor has his eye on hunky young student in a wife beater, Ash Brooks
Hot young stud Ash Brooks is bound and gets a bucket of waste water dumped on him by tormentor Rod Barry Dark featured young stud with gleaming white teeth is bound up in rope and endures cock and ball torture with mousetraps and flogging by the hands of creepy Rod Barry
Hot young Latino stud Ash Brooks endures choking at the hands of agressor Rod Barry
Young stud Ash Brooks is bound and gagged and hung upside down by his tormentor wearing a jock strap, Rod BarryMaster Rod Barry plays with nipple of oiled and bound Ash Brooks
Rod Barry slaps and teases a blindfolded Ash Brooks

You know those fantasies you have where you take some beautiful arrogant jock and make him submit to your every whim? I’m not talking just some lame ass cocksucking – I’m talking like sadistic shit where you tie him up, beat him, abuse him and make him love being submissive to you? Well, that’s basically the idea behind this scene on BoundGods.com

A college janitor (Rod Barry) sees a cocky jock he likes the looks of (Ash Brooks). You can just tell from his name Ash is a cocky son-of-a-bitch… I mean seriously, who’d name their kid Ash Brooks? Or in this case what normal guy would choose that for a porn name? Well, Rod decides he’s had enough cleaning up after rich young jerks and wants to teach one of them a lesson and Ash is his target du jour…

He overpowers him, ties him up and then starts abusing the shit out of him – throwing dirty water from cleaning the floors in Ash’s face is just the beginning. He blindfolds him and uses Ash’s body for his pleasure, he fucks him (while tied up, of course), works over his cock and balls, flogs him – there’s even suspension bondage mixed in there. Basically he runs the gamut and teaches the little brat a lesson…

Yeah, I know you’re like me and want to teach some arrogant jerk a lesson, or maybe you’re the arrogant jerk and want a guy who’s rough around the edges to teach you a lesson – either way, you’ll like BoundGods.com – check it out

Tied up young hunk Ash Brooks is forced to deep throat tattooed Rod Barry
Tied up Ash Brooks is fucked doggy style by studly Rod Barry in bootsBlond Rod Barry manhandles a tied up oiled young Ash Brooks
A naked, collared, and bound young Ash Brooks is flogged by Rod Barry in a jockstrap

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