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Beefy Hairy Daddy Fisted By Smooth Jock @ Dark Alley

Hot young jock top about to wreck a hole with with fist
Hairy pig takes a young tops fist up his hole
Bare fist wrist deep on a pigs hungry hole

Rivers of piss, gaping holes and manly men attaching their cocks to everybody they can find is what DarkRoom.DarkAlley.com offers for you to enjoy in a very nasty way.

We have a great contrast here, with a ripped, smooth brown jock and his hairy daddy, mature and sexy with a thick beard. Daddy is in the sling, wide open for his boy, letting you know that looks can be deceiving, and while daddy looks mean and nasty and boy looks sweet and innocent, the boy is in charge here and he means it. He plays the hole of his daddy with magnificent skill, taking him to places. You can see that Dad really enjoy is, with his eyes rolling, his primal groans, his body hair erected, his ecstatic face. The boy might be young, but he’s certainly not a novice, as he can make his daddy touch heaven, as he touches his innards.

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Bare fist opens up  beefy hairy ass in a sling
Bare fist opens up a hungry ass

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Fist Pig Gets Young Guy To Fuck & Fist Him @ Satyr Films

Masked dude gets fucked by younger guy
Guy fisting a loose ass
Fisting bottom guides his top's  hand into his ass
Gaping hole leaking cum and Crisco
Raw dick fucking an ass that was just fisted
Guy pushes his hand and cock up a fisting bottom's ass

SatyrFilms.com is a hot studio that has thing for the raunchy. They also enjoy taking “straight” guys out of their comfort zone in “gay for pay” films. The idea being a straight guy (This time Keith.) can justify the fact that he is fucking dudes by telling himself that it’s just a job. After a certain point I think that argument loses some of its credibility. In this case I would put that point wrist deep up Rocks ass. But that’s just me.

I find the clip hot as hell. Keith seems very concerned that someone might mistake his hesitant probing of Rocks up turned ass for the hesitant probes of an experienced hole puncher. He repeatedly tells Rock this is his first time. Rock is happy to lead him hand in arm ass down the path of the veteran fister. First telling him to start with two fingers and work his way up, and then that he should use plenty of lube. Personally I don’t care if you are farting elbow grease for a week; there is no such thing as too much lube.

The clip ends far too soon. Once our little straight boy loosens up Rocks man-cunt he is going to fuck it. The pics are nice but if you want to see the real thing go to SatyrFilms.com

Fisting bottom squats over a young top's arm
Bottom gets a load up his ass through a anal spreader

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Latino Gets DEEP Inside White Leatherman @ HDK Fisting

Tony and Redright kissing
Leather boys Tony Ryder and RedrightTony Rider greases up his hand to fist fuck ass
Tony works his bare fist into Redrights hole

HDKFisting.com understands that there is something about a sling a bucket of lube and red leather that gets my cock dripping. I love flagging; it tells leather men what you’re all about. It’s a bold red stripe or strap that says to everyone in the room “This hole is hungry, and wants to be filled.”

Redright is a hot sub daddy who gets even hotter as Tony Ryder works his way deeper and deeper in to his obviously experienced ass. You have to admire a bottom who can take an arm up to the bicep, and a top that can get him there. One again it’s the dialogue that really does it for me. It doesn’t distract from the scene and it adds the right amount of sleaze without seeming fake. Redright groans and his head rolls as Tony hits that spot deep inside Redrights chute.

I love the part where Tony “works the elbow.” Most fisting films I have seen stop at the wrist, or just past. But HDKFisting.com has a good number of scenes that dive to impressive depths.

Tony Elbow deep in Redrights loose ass
Tony working his arm in deeper
Tony Ryder deep into Redrights hole

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Hot Sucking, Fucking And Dildo Play In Gang Bang @ BulldogPit.com

tattoed guy chews nipple on tattoed stud in gang bangsub bottom in group gang bang
smooth twink sucks cock in gang bangsmooth twink sucks cock in gang bangsmooth muscle hunk and tattooed daddy feed cocksuckers
smooth, muscle hunk uses big black dildo on smooth twink

In this unbelievably hot gang bang from BulldogPit.com, smooth, adorable twink Ashley Rider is at the very center of an incredible array of filthy top men that includes Duke, Beau Sands, Ben Taylor, Mukhtar and many others.

And these twisted fuckers are not shy when it comes to using and abusing Ashley’s willing holes! From skull fucking to butt fucking, this little piggie takes all. Including monster cock fucker Mukhtar, as well as a few toys!

There’s plenty of sucking and fucking that takes place on the sidelines as well, but most of the real nasty action revolves around Ashley Rider.

To watch every single inch of dildo disappear into Ashley in this nasty twisted gangbang, click on BulldogPit.com!

sexy daddy shoves big black dildo up boy's holesmooth sub gets fed huge dildo in gang bang
smooth muscle hunk tears into smooth hole with big black dildosmooth sub held down with huge dildo buried up his ass muscle hunk with large cock fucks smooth pink hole in gang bang

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