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Asian Doctor Abuses His Patient @ DoctorTwink

Young twink examined by a Doctor
Twink Doctor ready to examine patient
Young twink gets an enema from twink Doctor
Young twink face fucked

DoctorTwink.com establishes the premise of a kinky doctor taking advantage of his naive patients, but I find it hard to believe the doctor was able to justify the bondage cuffs, oral sex, rimming and fucking I see all over his site as medically necessary.

Asians as a type never did it for me. I tend to go for the burly scary looking mother fuckers in leather. That said there is still plenty to like about this post. I think the pic with the dental vice holding the patients’ mouth open as he gets a warm helping of doctor jizz is one of the hottest things I have seen in recent memory.

Jimmy (the patient) is a hot fuckable twink with a tight little ass that you could really enjoy spending a few hours playing with. The Kinky Doctor, aka Albert aka Dr Twink seems to agree. After taking the bois blood pressure he goes right for that ass. He starts with a little digital examination then because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure he administers a milk enema. I am sure there is something to be said about the symbolism of milk and the innocence of our patient/victim, but seeing as how the innocent victim dives head first in to the doctors pants later I think it would be a waited analogy.

Judging by the number of real life Doms I have hooked up with that work in the medical field I am considering starting to troll the ERs. Though for convenience sake I may just troll DoctorTwink.com instead.

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Watch Video

Watch Video

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Piss Pig Twinks Mason Wyler & Jeremiah Johnson @ Boys-Pissing.com

Two hot twinks kissJeremiah Johnson sucking an uncut cock
Twink drinks piss right from the tapHot twink pisses in his buddy's mouth
Mason Wyler gets a mouth full of piss
Mason Wyler opens wide for a big load of piss

If you think twinks can’t be raunchy pigs, you’re SO wrong. This scene from Boys-Pissing.com with Mason Wyler (short hair) and Jeremiah Johnson would prove you completely wrong. Actually all the scenes on Boys Pissing would prove you wrong – twinks can be major pigs!

It is true that most pigs are older – that it takes time to get into a piggy mindset, but whatever these “kids” (18+) went through to get to a place where they’re opening wide for a mouthful of rank piss… Whatever that process is, we need more of it ’cause it’s hot seeing guys that are this young being so raunchy.

This scene is significant for another reason as well – it’s got Mason Wyler getting fucked bareback when he’s said some really negative things about barebackers on his blog.

Like what you see? Then check out Boys-Pissing.com – they’ve got tons of this sorta stuff…

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