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Jayson Sucks OMFG's Huge Black Dick
5:10, 82K views,
30 ratings, 👍 >100%

BBBH: More than enough big black dick for the two sluts. Bottoms - Don’t you love some big black dick yourselves?

Tenjo Tied For His Two Buddies
5:00, 15K views,
3 ratings, 👍 67%
Scorpio Double Teamed Outdoors
5:10, 69K views,
24 ratings, 👍 98%

BBBH: Tops - Love to fuck a slut that knows how to milk a dick, and you? Do you prefer shy, submissive bottoms or experienced power bottoms?

Daddy Mike Uses Str8 Boy Jesse
5:00, 17K views,
2 ratings, 👍 50%
Working Men Fisting And Playing With Massive Dildos
5:10, 102K views,
17 ratings, 👍 97%

BBBH: Spit is more than enough to shove all that meat into that smooth, eager hole. It’ll be everything but tight once they’re done. ;)

Javier Takes Two Studs Fists
5:10, 22K views,
5 ratings, 👍 10%
Pig men, huge dildos and piss showers
5:10, 93K views,
23 ratings, 👍 87%

BBBH: That bottom can’t get enough of his papi’s big, latino dick inside him. He wants it raw and wants it harder. ;)

Butch's Hole Filled With Huge Dildo
5:10, 26K views,
4 ratings, 👍 50%
Grease Fist War
5:10, 45K views,
19 ratings, 👍 87%

BBBH: Leave it to hung, ebony stud Champ Robinson to make a bottom cry out in ecstasy, one thrust at a time. Fuck yeah! ;)

Matthias Turn To Get Fisted By Hookers
5:10, 23K views,
4 ratings, 👍 75%
Fist Slut Party Gets Greasy
5:10, 48K views,
16 ratings, 👍 84%

BBBH: Daddy sluts love rough tops, big dicks and messy loads. This one went for the full package with that black stallion on top. ;)

Two Pigs Drink Carpenter Piss
5:10, 23K views,
3 ratings, 👍 50%

BBBH: They could hardly wait to get home and fuck, you can guess how it played out the moment they hit the bedroom. ;)

BBBH: That hole won’t be the same after milking all that big black dick dry. Definitely well worth it for both though. ;)

BBBH: Just look at that bottom moan and squirm! Fuck yeah! Really love me some eager, loud sluts. What about you?

BBBH: Bottoms - Care for a rough ride? There’s plenty for all of you, wouldn’t you agree?

BBBH: That bottom needs a hard dicking, and he’s got two daddies to tag-team his needy hole, fuck yeah! ;)

BBBH: Just wait until that daddy rams his dick balls deep, that jock will cum all over himself from taking so much raw black dick. ;)

BBBH: Nothing gets a bottom moaning like a thick black cock, especially when it’s inches away from hilting balls deep into their holes. ;)

BBBH: Fuck yes! That’s such a nice, fuckable hole right there. Tops - How would you breed that slut if it begged for your cock?

BBBH: Not only is the white boy in pure ecstasy, but just look at how much the hairy dude’s lusting for his turn, perhaps even for harder dick. Fuck yeah! ;)

BBBH: Fuck yes! Love me some hot nipple play while breeding. Anybody else love getting theirs rubbed and sucked?

BBBH: Bottoms - Size matters, we know, but do you prefer the extra inches in length or in all-around girth?

BBBH: Bottoms really love their big black cocks, just what they need to get off hands free, unloading from that hard ass plowing alone. ;)