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Rock gets throatfucked by straight man, Gabriel. Gabriel shoves his dick deep down Rock's throat. Rock tries his best to swallow the cock. Gabriel then flips Rock on his back and face fucks him some more. Gabriel spins Rock around and rams his cock deep into Rock's hole. Rock yells in agony as Gabriel is determined to loosen up Rock's sphincter for the ass assault to come.

Rock is looking pretty amazing these days as he hired a personal trainer and has lost 30 lbs. Gabriel alternately fucks Rock in his quivering butt hole and them shoves his cock deep down Rock's throat.

Gabriel shoves toys and even a beer bottle deep into Rock's hole. Rock is in pure agony as his sphincter stretches to it's limits. But Rock is just becoming aware of the larger appendage that will enter Rock's sweet manhole. And that is Gabriel's fist and forearm. Gabriel greases up Rock's hole and fills it with enough lube to drown a small puppy.

Rock's hole is being stretched more and more with what appears to be a candy apple on a stick. Rock's fuck hole is opening ever so wide to accommodate the 2 inch wide ball.

When Gabriel finally feels that Rock's hole is ready to take a man's fist, Gabriel slowly pushes deep inside Rock until Rock's asshole sucks it in.

The sight of these two hot Satyrs enjoying their masculine bodies is truly something to see. Both of these sexy men are at the peak. There is a true sexual connection between them even though they are both are straight and have girlfriends.

Gabriel then fucks Rock and shoot his creamy deep inside Rock's raw ass. The cum oozes out. Gabriel then proceeds to fist fuck Rock some more and then fuck him again.

Rock lies on the bed, exhausted and completely spent. I think he hears his girlfriend calling

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Gabriel (Satyr Films) – topping
Gabriel (Satyr Films) – topping
Gabriel (Satyr Films) – fisting top
Gabriel (Satyr Films) – fisting top