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Date Released:  2021-09-22
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Angus sat on the edge of a bed draped in a red cover. It had the feeling of an altar more than a bed for sleeping, appropriate for the solemnity and ceremony of what was happening. Apprentice Young was ordered to wash the man's feet as a sign of respect and subservience. The carpeted floor hurt the boy's knees, but he was happy to do what he was told.

When Angus stood up, Apprentice Young noticed just how large he loomed. The young man was used to being smaller than almost everyone he encountered, but something about Angus' size intimidated him greatly. He wasn't the tallest man, but his chest was the width of a door. Each of Angus' muscular thighs were bigger around than Young's waist.

As the older man began to remove his clothing, Young followed his lead, doing what he wanted without any question or hesitation. Angus stripped him of what little covering he had, feeling his smooth backside with his big, burly hands. They were rougher than Young was used to, but no less arousing as they teased his delicate hole.

Angus turned Young around, putting him on all fours with his hole in the air. The apprentice looked back, watching as the man provided him with a drop of spit as lubrication to ease the penetration. It fell from the man's mouth as a white, foamy drop, looking dramatically lighter than the dark beard from which it emerged, falling short on the young man's hole with an impressive thud. It wasn't much, but it was enough.

Angus pushed his manhood between the boy's cheeks, not rushing the moment but not going too easy either. The apprentice knew why he was here, as did the older man. He put his full weight into the act of breeding, holding the boy in place with his strong, muscular arms, dominating him with his size and making quick work of overpowering his body.

It scared Young, but it also shot a surge of energy to his cock. He liked it. He liked being dominated. And he didn't want it to stop.

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