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Ben Reyes is a total bottom who's done 2 porn scenes and had sex with with 2 different guys on video (that we know of).

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These stats are based on the data we have available to us. Our database is constantly growing, so in most cases these numbers are underestimates – the real numbers are higher.

  • Sites: (1 scene), (1 scene)
  • Scenes: 2
    • Total top 0 times (0%), Bottomed 1 time (100%), Vers 0 times (0%)
    • 2 fisting videos
  • # Of Guys He's Had Sex With: 2
  • Bottoming Stats:
    • Has been fucked by 1 guy:
    • He's been barebacked by 0% of the guys who've fucked him
    • Has been a fisting bottom in 60 videos
  • Topping Stats:
    • Has been a fisting top in 64 videos

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Ben Reyes – Fisting bottom
Fisting bottom @ Fisting Central

Ben Reyes – Fisting top
Fisting top @ Fisting Central


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