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Racist Rednecks Are Raped @

Cocky skinhead Boy Filmore
Jake Wetmore gagged and carried off by two black tops
Three skinheads tied up and stomped on
Jay Dupree rapes Boy Filmore's beefy ass bareback

I just love how real this scene from looks. The only reason why we know this is not real rape is because we have seen these sluts in multiple films taking cock after cock, so these fuckers are actually enjoying it, believe it or not, but, it does look like they are being forced to satisfy the lowest passions of a group of very well hung black studs.

So, how did this happen? Is it because black men are violent rapists? Not really. These silly rednecks started taunting and insulting a family of black brothers with racist insults. And, they got mad. You don’t mess that way with men, any race, and come out of it unscathed. You pay the price. And here the price is their asses and dignity. They are not only anally raped and anally drilled by these black bastards, they are peed upon, make cry, kicked, gang fucked, suck dick after it has been inside somebody else’s hole, and made to eat the cum that leak out of their asses. And with a cast of star pigs like Jake Wetmore (I’d marry that filthy pig dad if I could!), Boy Fillmore, the sexy bald Rich Wrangler, Jayd Dupree and Butch Blackmore, among others, you know you are gonna have piggy fun with these guys who said they could say nigger and didn’t think of the consequences.

If you’re like me, you’ll be shouting the N-word top have the chance to be submitted by these might cocks of superior black men. But you don’t need to, just go to, it will make your nastiest fantasies reality.

Butch and Jay piss and flog Boy Filmore's hairy ass
Rich Wrangler forced to eat Boy Filmore's sweaty hairy ass
Boy yells as Butch rapes his hairy hole

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Cute Jock Drinks His Own Piss And Jerks Off @ BoysPissing

Cute young jock licks the head of his cockSmooth young Jeremiah Johnson in piss soaked underwear
Hot young jock tries to lick his huge dick
Jeremiah Johnson pisses in his open mouthJeremiah Johnson pisses in his mouth

You don’t have to be butch and studly to be a twisted pig. Case and point are all the “kids” over at like Jeremiah Johnson in the pics shown here. Jeremiah is totally a cute, boy-next-door type.He’s got a nice, smooth athletic body, spikey hair – looks pretty normal right? Yeah, that is until he starts pissing on himself and then opening wide to see how much of his piss he can get in his mouth.

I wonder if his mother and father have seen the pics and video and what they must think. I mean very few parents teach their kids to be into watersports – well, maybe water polo or swimming or diving – but piss isn’t really a watersport most parents would encourage their kids to get into. [His parents probably wouldn’t be too happy that he’s pissing in the pool either ūüėČ ]

If you like what you see and wanna watch more young hot kinky guys who are into piss – head over to Boys Pissing and see all the action.

Cute young jock with piss on his chestSmooth young guy with a thick bush covered in cum
Cute young jock dripping in his own cumHot young jock ith cum dripping off his face

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Hot Pigs Fuck and Piss

Jake raw fucks Kevin in the sling
Kevin Mead get a face full of warm piss
Marco wollows in the piss of five fuck buds

The director at told me that Marco Cruise was “his Judy Garland” – he gave the scenes a little kick, a little energy. Marco’s able to do that because he’s messy. He’ll arrive on set high as kite. And one moment he’ll be bouncing off the walls, and the next moment he’ll crash and you’ll find him asleep on the floor. But he’s a great pig and thanks in part to all the drugs his hole can take incredible abuse. But he’ll say things like “I’ve never been fisted before” (lol – has he watched his own porn videos?), and his profile on BBRT at one point last year said he was neg (yeah, right). I think last I looked I think it said “not sure”. Seriously? I mean it’s hot to think a neg bottom is getting fisted and having poz loads dump up his prolapsed ass, but he’s done enough of that sort of stuff that even if he hasn’t been tested, he can be pretty sure of his status…

Anyway, messy pigs make for great porn, and that’s what you see here… Yeah, there’s a urinal on the wall, but why use it when you can piss on the guy next to you? And look at how red Marco’s rosebud is… It really is a thing of beauty. I’m seriously jealous of Jake Wetmore for getting to play with it and fuck it.

Honestly, I think Marco is one of those porn stars who will die of a drug overdose. It’s sad, but in the meantime he’s making some great porn. Check out Raw & Rough for more scenes with him – they’re hot! And yes, fucking Marco is on my bucket list. I just hope I can dump a load in his hole before he OD’s. He really is a great bottom. It’s too bad he’s such a mess…

Jake Wetmore admires Marco's cummy rosebud
Cummy cock fucks Marco's hairy ass

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Beautiful Twink Is Also A Piss Pig @

Twink Shane Allen shows off his smooth chest and pierced nippleCute twink in his underwear, dripping in piss
Hot young twink Shane Allen in his underwearShane plays with his hard cock though his briefs
Shane shows off his piss soaked briefsShane Allen strokes his thick cock

Seeing a hot  twink piss all over himself can be a real turn-on! The boys at get crazed over watersports, pissing themselves, and just drinking the golden fluid in every way. If you already are stroking because of the thought (as I am), this site is for you!

Shane Allen looks like the innocent boy next door twink boy. Little did we know he craves his own piss–urinating all over himself–living for his piss (as seen in most of his movies). He is shown jerking off because of the joy he has in piss play. He gets so enthralled in his¬†water-sports¬†fetish, that he starts ¬†pissing in his mouth, making himself his own personal sleazy twink urinal. You will wet yourself ¬†by how interested in piss, these boys and Shane Allen at are.

If you are as in awe at Shane Allen and his water sports fetish as I am, join to see all the lovely golden showers and piss play your heart craves and desires.

Piss stream from young twinks cockSkinny twink pisses on himself
Skinny smooth twink drinks his piss streamWarm piss stream shooting on hot young twinkShane shoots his heavy piss stream in his mouth

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Gangbang Bottom Drinks Piss In A Dungeon @

Ian Jay hosed down with a hot piss stream
Gabriel D'Alessandro gets a taste of Ian Jay's hot ass
Ian Jay working Gabrial's fat cockIan Jay's fuckable hot ass

Why google search your porn? deals with all the top searches one would expect to search for in gay porn. Whether its the young and innocent or the devious and raunchy, has what you are looking for.

Hottie Ian Jay begins preparing himself for abuse by ¬†Gabriel D’Alessandro’s uncut fattie, Erik and the ever so famous….and…studly Jason Tyler, taking their piss all over his face and mouth. ¬†After lubing up his asshole with the piss, ¬†Ian with no hesitence whatsoever, takes all three of the boys cocks, including a double penetration, with multiple barebacked loads of cum all over and up his ass.

What are you waiting for? Everything you’d think of looking for is right over at

Gabriel D'Alessandro forces Jason down on his cockInked Erik gets his dick sucked by Ian while Gabrial works Jason's knob
Erik slides into Ian Jay's hot ass

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