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A half dozen sex pigs, including Tober Brandt, Van Darkholme, Tyler Saint, Mark Wells, and Nick Moretti are brought together in an empty warehouse, so no one can hear them scream, for this remarkably intense scene at

An Asian Top Master is getting his dick serviced, while flanked by hooded slaves, when a new slave is pulled in. Roped up, the slave is presented to the Asian Top Master to abuse. The slave is used in a game of Tug-Of-War. He is whipped, used as kickboxing bag, then hoisted up onto a hydrolic lift and hung upside to suck cock.

And as if that weren’t enough, he takes on a couple of guys as they take turns rough fucking his hole, his roped, muscled body writhing and struggling.

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Blindfolded Bottom Gets Fucked By Anon Top @

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A greedy, blindfolded sex pig awaits anonymous cock on

Kneeling on the gritty floor of an empty, dimly-lit warehouse, this beefy little cock pig has his throat working in anticipation of the cock that’s coming. His mouth is watering and his juices are flowing by the time a humpy top stud wearing a leather harness and black, sweaty jock strap approaches. But the cocksucker doesn’t care what the man looks like. He’s hungry for cock and he doesn’t care who’s in front of him.

The rough-looking top fucker steps up to the hungry cockpig and pulls out a thick, uncut, cock. He shoves his thick, meaty, uncut boner into the pig.

The pig begins to feed in earnest once he realizes how big the cock is. He relishes in getting his throat stretched, his jaw widened, and the flavor of the uncut, unknown cock. Like taking a hit of poppers, the pig lets himself go as the humpy top works his hole.

When the pig is ready, the top stud pulls his cock out of his mouth. The pig is disappointed but when he feels the head of that juicy, uncut piece of meat probing his hole, he grows delirious with lust and the fact that he still doesn’t know who’s fucking him!

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Leatherman fucks blindfolded bottomMasculine leather top with his blindfolded bottom on all fours

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Janitor Sadistically Abuses College Jock @

Creepy school janitor Rod Barry and young muscular student Ash BrooksSleazy janitor has his eye on hunky young student in a wife beater, Ash Brooks
Hot young stud Ash Brooks is bound and gets a bucket of waste water dumped on him by tormentor Rod Barry Dark featured young stud with gleaming white teeth is bound up in rope and endures cock and ball torture with mousetraps and flogging by the hands of creepy Rod Barry
Hot young Latino stud Ash Brooks endures choking at the hands of agressor Rod Barry
Young stud Ash Brooks is bound and gagged and hung upside down by his tormentor wearing a jock strap, Rod BarryMaster Rod Barry plays with nipple of oiled and bound Ash Brooks
Rod Barry slaps and teases a blindfolded Ash Brooks

You know those fantasies you have where you take some beautiful arrogant jock and make him submit to your every whim? I’m not talking just some lame ass cocksucking – I’m talking like sadistic shit where you tie him up, beat him, abuse him and make him love being submissive to you? Well, that’s basically the idea behind this scene on

A college janitor (Rod Barry) sees a cocky jock he likes the looks of (Ash Brooks). You can just tell from his name Ash is a cocky son-of-a-bitch… I mean seriously, who’d name their kid Ash Brooks? Or in this case what normal guy would choose that for a porn name? Well, Rod decides he’s had enough cleaning up after rich young jerks and wants to teach one of them a lesson and Ash is his target du jour…

He overpowers him, ties him up and then starts abusing the shit out of him – throwing dirty water from cleaning the floors in Ash’s face is just the beginning. He blindfolds him and uses Ash’s body for his pleasure, he fucks him (while tied up, of course), works over his cock and balls, flogs him – there’s even suspension bondage mixed in there. Basically he runs the gamut and teaches the little brat a lesson…

Yeah, I know you’re like me and want to teach some arrogant jerk a lesson, or maybe you’re the arrogant jerk and want a guy who’s rough around the edges to teach you a lesson – either way, you’ll like – check it out

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A naked, collared, and bound young Ash Brooks is flogged by Rod Barry in a jockstrap

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