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Turning A Str8 Virgin Muscle Daddy Into A Cumdump @

Guy forced to smell another guy's stinky armpit
Guy opens wide to suck dick
Beefy guy strains to open up and suck cockHard cock forced down a guy's throat
Guy's mouth plugged with cock
Guy gets his ass fingered in preparation for getting fucked
Guy gets overpowered by a masked dude who shoves his fingers down his throat
Masculine daddy subdued and fucked
Bottom restrained and fucked

Satyr Films has managed to find straight man Dan for us. Dan is a butch specimen of heterosexuality. He is a body builder and has a girlfriend. I doubt he is technically a virgin but I am willing to bet no matter how successful he had been with the ladies it didn’t prepare him for being used as some masked and mean breeders’ bitch.

The Masked Satyr starts by pinning Dan’s head against the head board and claims his throat. When first presented with a stiff cock in his face Dan seems uncertain. He is definitely having second thoughts. The satyr isn’t though and it doesn’t take him long to get Dan gagging on his his rigid prick.

The day isn’t over until Dan loses his sweet ass cherry. My favorite photo has got to be Dan with both legs in the air, chained in place with leather stirrups while the satyr fucks his upturned ass. When it’s all over Dan leaves with a fresh load of man spunk up his ass. You really can’t claim to be “straight” after that.

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Cummy raw cock - bareback fuck
Hole leaking cum as it gets fucked
Top blows his load on a bottom's holeAss dripping with cum after getting fucked - creampie

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Hot Young Top Gets Serviced By His Puppy @

Luke Riley bound and plugged crawls to James Hamilton
James makes his slave Luke suck his cock while bound and plugged
Luke on his hands and knees worshiping James fat cock
Luke slobbers on James fat hard cock
Luke bound ass up so James can tongue his sweet hole
Luke forced down by James bare feet
James Hamilton makes his slave Luke Riley suck and lick his feet

Today shows us that “ouch” doesn’t mean “stop.”

It’s hard to find a good puppy play scene. James Hamilton (Master), and Luke Riley (Bondage Boy) do a decent job with the admittedly niche fetish. The clip features a hobbled Luke giving James a no hands on all fours blow job with a pig tail butt plug jutting out of a well spanked ass.

This scene is full of impact play, bondage, and domination, with a little humiliation thrown in. Fans of rope bondage may want to take notes as there is some nice rope work on display. It’s not quite shibari but I think it has a nice aesthetic. Though that my appreciation of the aesthetic could be influenced by watching Luke’s already tender ass get caned and roughly fucked. The best part of this scene for me was watching Luke flinch while staying rock hard.

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Luke Riley bound and blindfolded being abused by James Hmilton
James Hamilton punishes his slave Luke Riley's bubble butt
Luke Riley tied up and fucked by James Hamilton
Luke Riley bound and fucked deep by James Hamilton
Luke Riley bound getting his ass plowed deep

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Daddy Uses His Sub Boy @ Hot Older Male

Furry leather Daddy Ray playing with a restrained boyhairy leather men kissing
Furry Xavier getting his hard meat worked overFurry Xavier gets his hard cock sucked by Ray
Xavier St. Jude forced to suck Ray Stones cock
Leather Daddy Ray Stone feeds his hard cock to XavierXavier working over Ray's thick cock

You have to truly trust someone to allow yourself to be cuffed, strapped and blindfolded. And you really have to trust that the man who’s going to take your life into his hands is going to give it back. But then again, that’s part of the thrill. There’s a certain connection, a certain spiritual mindfuck that is made when you take that leap of faith. You know that the man who has slipped you into darkness, and rendered you immobile is going to push you to your limits. And beyond. This scene with Ray Stone and Xavier St. Jude, from Hot Older Male, is more like something you’d expect to see from the folks at Kink. And it’s just as good!

This scene has some adrenaline pumping sex. Darkness. A hot submissive… Xavier. And Ray… a big daddy with a fat cock who knows how to use it.

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Furry Ray Stone about to fuck restrained bottom boy Xavier
Blindfolded leather boy getting his ass eaten by Ray Stone
Blindfolded Xavier St. Jude about to take Ray's hard cock
Leather boy Xavier getting his ass used

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Muscle Studs Wrestle For Dominance @

muscle hunks for the match to begin
the wrestling beginssmack dwn
oiled up greek godsin your face

When Fabrizio Mangiatti and International Wrestling Championship winner Rick Bauer are plucked off the street and blindfolded, they have no idea they are about to face each other in a winner-take-all wrestling match at The two worthy opponents apparently like being paired together. Even before the singlets come off, leaving the muscle bound hunks only their jock straps, their cocks are bulging.

As the two beefy studs lick arms in combat, it’s a control game to see who will weaken first and give up his hole to the winner. Even the referee gets in on it as sweaty cock and balls are ground into the opponents face. Bauer is held by the ref so Mangiatti can suck his cock, but then the ref holds Bauer while Mangiatti plugs his opponent’s hole.

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in your face close upgetting closer to winning
tag teamed twicetag teamed
the loser sucks cock

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Prisoner Gets Interrogated By Miltary Police @

pensive disciplinarian
blindfolded and bound to a chair
bound cocksucker getting face fuckedTyler Saint sucking dick
Park Wiley restrained and gagged on a table
Park Wiley getting his ass inspected while tied up with rope
muscled jock with big dick canes the ass of a restrained slave
bound guy with hot pink hole exposed

Park Wiley is a prisoner of war. He is blindfolded and roped to a chair on a platform, wearing nothing but his skivvies. And he’s at the charge of ruthless Commandant, Tyler Saint who plays rough and dirty with Wiley at

Wiley is tortured by the incredibly twisted and sadistic Saint. He first abuses Wiley’s cock and balls with a riding crop and tazer, before forcing him to suck his meaty cock. But when Wiley refuses to talk, Saint then ramps up his imagination and lets loose on Wiley’s pliant body with a flogger, whip and clothes pins. With his cock and balls roped up and near bursting, Wiley then has balls slapped by the inventive Saint, whoh apparently knows no bounds.

Park Wiley is an amazing BDSM slave and prisoner who knows how to take any corporal punishment, Tyler Saint can dish out. But more importantly, he knows how to get fucked — and stay fucked — by Tyler Saint’s juicy cock.

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