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Twink Gets Piss All Over The Toilet @ Boys Pissing

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Hard teenager cock pissing in the toilet
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Hard teenagers cock pissing on toilet

Turk Mason, at Boys Pissing is a hot little fucker with the right amount of innocence mixed with dirty, pigboy. Reminds me of a Scrub ‘N Fuck I once invited home for a night of debauchery. Bought a coupla six packs, hung out, played video games. Before I knew what was happening, he was in my bathtub, still in his clothes. His dick was out and he had pissed himself. He wasn’t exactly wasted but he wasn’t sober, either. I figured he wouldn’t know the difference so I just whipped it out and pissed all over his hair, face and clothes. Little fucker even gargled with it. I wondered what depraved soul corrupted him, wishing it had been me when he shoved his own throat on my cock to deep throat me. By that point I didn’t care. I was just glad he was a human urinal.

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Muscle Studs Wrestle For Dominance @ NakedKombat.com

muscle hunks for the match to begin
the wrestling beginssmack dwn
oiled up greek godsin your face

When Fabrizio Mangiatti and International Wrestling Championship winner Rick Bauer are plucked off the street and blindfolded, they have no idea they are about to face each other in a winner-take-all wrestling match at NakedKombat.com. The two worthy opponents apparently like being paired together. Even before the singlets come off, leaving the muscle bound hunks only their jock straps, their cocks are bulging.

As the two beefy studs lick arms in combat, it’s a control game to see who will weaken first and give up his hole to the winner. Even the referee gets in on it as sweaty cock and balls are ground into the opponents face. Bauer is held by the ref so Mangiatti can suck his cock, but then the ref holds Bauer while Mangiatti plugs his opponent’s hole.

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in your face close upgetting closer to winning
tag teamed twicetag teamed
the loser sucks cock

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Ashley Ryder – Young Anally Obsessed Pig @ BulldogPit.com

Older top Lisandro watches twink boy Ashley Ryder shove a big black dildo up his butt
Ashley Ryder stretching open his hole to sit on a big black dildoSlutty boy Ashley Ryder in sneakers sitting on a big black dildo
Black dildo sliding into Ashley Ryder's twinky white assBaby-faced Ashley Ryder shoves a big black dildo in his ass
Ashley Ryder in wife beater and ripped open underwear shoving a big dildo up his holePretty boy Ashley Ryder sticks a dildo in his tight ass with ripped underwear on

It’s one thing when you see an older guy who’s a pig – it’s pretty ordinary for guys to get piggier and more uninhibited as they get older. But it’s sorta special when it’s a young guy like Ashley Ryder from BulldogPit.com. I mean while he’s probably early 20s, he looks like a baby-faced kid…

One way or the other the guy is totally obsessed with things going up his butt… He’s got two different types of dildos in this scene (and a lot more on the shelf in the background), and then he’s got a big ‘ol string of pearls (the red rubber balls). Have you ever played with a string of pearls? I had a boyfriend once I could just about fist (I’ve got really big hands) and he could barely take a string of pearls… They’re not as easy as they look ’cause it’s not a gradual taper like a dildo – it’s all at once. Especially if you let them sit in there a bit and your hole closes up – they’re seriously painful to get out. But that’s all part of the fun for pig boy Ashley.

In the scene with Ashley is Lisandro – a rough skinny fucker who loves playing with Ashley’s boy hole. Of course, since Ashley loves things up his ass Lisandro gets to put his hard cock up that stretched out, sloppy cunt. While a tight hole can be hot, a wet sloppy cunt on a true young slut can be a total turn on as well…

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Skinny top Lisandro fucks cute twink Ashley Ryder doggy styleBald Lisandro fucks slutty bottom Ashley Ryder on his back
Lisandro's dick jizzes all over Ashley Ryder's puckered boy hole

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