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Cute Blond Piss Pig @ Boys-Pissing.com

Redheaded lad in pee-soaked shortsCute shirtless boy with tattoo in Asian characters has wet himself
Cute carrot-topped boy with slim body in tight white briefsThin boy pissing all over himself
Cute redheaded slut likes the feel of his hot piss all over his chestCute redhead plays with his hard dick and a big dildo in his ass

Not sure where Boys-Pissing.com gets their guys, but I want to move there! It’s like the place breeds kinky guys. Most twinks are so inhibited, but these guys drink piss like it’s their mother’s milk… Truly twisted, in a very very good way… I mean who could complain about a twink who sees himself as a urinal.

That’s definitely the case in this scene with Jacob – a lean, defined, sorta muscley blond twink who’s wants something up his butt and piss in his mouth. Seeing these pics makes me want to piss all over him, get him smelling really rank, and then fuck him outdoors, face down in the dirt… Maybe a barnyard so he smells of piss and cow manure when it’s all done. And the cum leaking out of his ass would add yet another wonderful smell to the mix.

Whatever Jacob went through to turn him into a young pig I think we should have as mandatory training for all young gay twinks… Let’s get masses of kinky twinks. In the meantime Boys-Pissing.com is the closest thing to that fantasy… Check it out!

Skinny redhead drinks his own piss
Cute scruffy lad pissing in his mouth and drinking it
Cute redheaded boy pissing in his mouthRelaxed young man makes himself wet with his own piss
Cute skinny redhead all wet and grabbing his dick

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Who Needs A Urinal When You’ve Got a Twink? (Boys-Pissing.com)

After hosing Jayden with their piss, three twinks begin to fuck him and each other. Twink suckig big cock.
The pissing begins.Twink in yellow t-shirt gets soaked with piss
Twink opens wide and swallows piss. Three cocks  surround one twink.
Twink hosts two pissing cocks in his mouth. Pretty boy smiles after having three hunks spray him with piss.

God I love it when twinks are serious pigs… In this scene from Boys-Pissing.com you’ve got twink Jayden who LOVES drinking piss, getting covered in piss and smelling like a urinal… And he’s got three buddies helping him achieve his goal. They start out by hosing him down while he’s still fully clothed, then they get naked and keep on going…

Jayden is so fucking cute and such a raunchy pig… What a great combo! I just hope he doesn’t get married and move to the suburbs or something. A cute piglet like that needs to get used over and over again…

Wanna see more? You’ll find all the hot little twinky pigs you can handle at Boys-Pissing.com.

Jayden opens his mouth to swallow some piss. Hunk pisses over twinks chest.
The boys love pissing on this kid. Jayden joins in on the pissing after 3 men piss on him.
Juicy cock spills juice into twinks mouth. Twinks cock erupts.
Satiated Twink Pig

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Piss Pig Twinks Mason Wyler & Jeremiah Johnson @ Boys-Pissing.com

Two hot twinks kissJeremiah Johnson sucking an uncut cock
Twink drinks piss right from the tapHot twink pisses in his buddy's mouth
Mason Wyler gets a mouth full of piss
Mason Wyler opens wide for a big load of piss

If you think twinks can’t be raunchy pigs, you’re SO wrong. This scene from Boys-Pissing.com with Mason Wyler (short hair) and Jeremiah Johnson would prove you completely wrong. Actually all the scenes on Boys Pissing would prove you wrong – twinks can be major pigs!

It is true that most pigs are older – that it takes time to get into a piggy mindset, but whatever these “kids” (18+) went through to get to a place where they’re opening wide for a mouthful of rank piss… Whatever that process is, we need more of it ’cause it’s hot seeing guys that are this young being so raunchy.

This scene is significant for another reason as well – it’s got Mason Wyler getting fucked bareback when he’s said some really negative things about barebackers on his blog.

Like what you see? Then check out Boys-Pissing.com – they’ve got tons of this sorta stuff…

Hot twink with a jock body getting pissed onMason Wyler bent over a bed getting fucked
Mason Wyler gets a cum facialMason Wyler sucks a cummy cock

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