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Young Blond Likes Pissing Himself @ Boys-Pissing.com

Smooth Twink shows his chest and uncut cockBoy pissing in the woods gets a mouthfullSmooth twink gets a mouth full of his own piss
Young Twink pisses on his own faceSmooth uncut Twink rubbs his chest with piss

Alex, from Boys Pissing is a cute, innocent looking Euro twink. But watching him piss all over himself, then into his own mouth, makes me wonder how he got his start marking his own territory? Then again, it’s not like this particular fetish is anything new to any male. For the moment we first become aware of our dicks, there’s a fascination that just doesn’t seem to end at just jerking off and cumming. Of course, I can’t speak for Alex but I know I was fascinated with the amber liquid that streamed from my little weiner while I bathed. Or when I pissed myself late at night on some cold winter evening and slept in my wet, pissy pajamas.

As I got older, I was fascinated, still am, by human urinals. I wonder if Alex will be the kind that lets others piss on him? Will he be the kind that strips down naked and lays down in the trough in order to use his mouth as the drain pipe? Check out Alex at Boys-Pissing.com for the full scene. There are also plenty of other equally hot twinks to get off on!

Young uncut cock spurting piss in the woods

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Young Piss Pig Zack Randall @ Boys-Pissing.com

Hot lean jock opens wide and sticks out his tongue to taste his pissCutie Zack Randall opens his mouth to drink in his own piss
Cute guy pisses into his mouthHot young jock opens wide to get a mouthfull of his own piss
Hottie opens wide to catch the piss out of his dickyoung guy with uncut cock pisses all over his bare chest

Zack Randall knows that while Dad’s away, he’s gonna play. And the only game this sexy jock twink really knows how to play is watersports at Boys-Pissing.com.

In the garage, a shirtless Zach pulls his cock out and lets loose with a far-reaching stream that hits his mouth, sprinkles his tongue, and trickles down his chest. You get all but the gargling as this young piss pig revels in his own recycled liquid. When he’s done pissing, Zack then bends over and starts sucking on his own cock. He works himself up into a good jerk-off session and after he cums, still thirsty, he lets loose with a fresh load of hot, young piss that leaves him and his jeans completely drenched in boypiss.

For more of Zack and other sexy boys pissing, come to Boys-Pissing.com.

Guy urinates on his bare chestLean jock with washboard abs and an uncut cock who's pissed his pants
Cute on the outside, nasty on the inside - Zack RandallAutofellatio - young guy licks the head of his own cock

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Boi Piss @ KimPrivate.com

Cute twink in shorts taking a piss

Smooth hairless twink pissing

They’ve got some hot bois at KimPrivate.com. It’s a pretty “artistic” site – lots of beautifully shot stuff, and the guys are equally beautiful. Generally it’s pretty “clean”, but there is a bit of a fetish to the site. For starters they’re really into having their twink shaved so they’ve got completely hairless pubes. It accentuates the “innocence” they’re shooting for in the photos and videos.

They’ve got the guys smoking, playing with S/M equipment, and in this case pissing. It’s not the hardcore piss drinking you see on sites like Boys-Pissing.com – it’s more innocent than that – just a young guy pissing in the woods – the type of thing that if you saw it in real life you’d pop a woody wishing you were down on your knees drinking every drop of piss coming out of that hairless boi…

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Twink Into S/M (Needs Training) @ KimPrivate.com

Young hairless guy with a leather floggerGuy with boyish body in a leather dungeon
Young hottie with blue eyesInnocent twink grabs the end of a leather flogger

Dominique from KimPrivate.com looks like he’s found himself a fully equipped dungeon, but he’s not quite sure what to do next. He seems to think floggers are cute props. Anyone want to show him how floggers are supposed to be used?

I gotta say, it would be fun to see a video of him getting broken in by some big beefy masculine dom top. 😉

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Jayden Taylor Drinks 2 Loads Of Piss @ Boys-Pissing.com

Twink Jayden opens his mouth wide for boy piss
Raven-haired twink guzzling hot piss
Twink kid Jayden loves drinking fresh pissCute boy Jayden opens mouth wide for piss dribbling down his chin

I’m sure twinky Jayden is legal but he definitely fits the “barely legal” label. This skinny little twink with the big angelic-looking eyes appears to be every bit the altar boy, but the only holy water Jayden Taylor gets into is the hot yellow kind that comes out of a dick. Lucky for us, he’s one of hot boyish models at Boys-Pissing.com.

Lucky for him, young dudes Mike Roberts and Ryan Conners are on hand to empty their bladders and feed the thirsty piss slut their loads. But even two piss streams aren’t enough for this whore… he’s got to feel his own hot piss on his face and body too. After he sucks both their cocks, he can’t wait to feel them in his ass so the pair take turns plowing his tight twink hole.

This kid’s such a horny, hungry whore and already so kinky, we can’t wait to see where’s he headed. Check him out here…

God knows where Boys Pissing get such young and raunchy twinks, but I’m just glad they find ’em, ’cause it’s fuckin’ hot watching these young guys have dirty sex…

Skinny piss slut Jayden pees on himself and drinks fresh boy piss in the tubSkinny boy Jayden pisses on himself in the tub with two other boys around
Hot top kid with goatee plows little twink Jayden's tight ass as other cute boy jacks off nearbyHot young goateed top fucks little twink Jayden doggy style against the wall

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