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Young Bleach Blond Piss Pig Austin Lucas @ Boys-Pissing.com

Skinny twink Zack getting blow job from Austin
Piss lover Austin Lucas takes geting pissed on from young dick
Austin Lucas drips with piss from Zacks cockZack showers Austin with another strem of hot piss
Piss pig Austin Lucas drinking down another stream

This adorable pair from Boys-Pissing.com just don’t look the type, but these angel faced twinks go at it like old pros. The one getting a face full of piss is Austin Lucas pierced, tattooed, and bleached he is not nearly as innocent as he looks, though how innocent you can look under a warm stream of some one else’s piss is debatable. His well hydrated partner in crime is Zack Randall who has been on this blog before.

These two look like they have a nice give and take going on, Zack mostly giving while Austin takes. I am guessing Austin really enjoyed his piss facial because this scene ends with Austin riding Zack’s dick while he is pissing.

If you are interested in seeing the whole scene including the piss/fuck at the end go to Boys-Pissing.com.

Austin Lucas rides Zack Randall's cock outside
Piss pigs Austin and Zack share a wet kiss

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Jayden Taylor Gets Soaked In Piss @ Boys-Pissing.com

Jayden Taylor pisses on himself while taking anopther stream in his mouthJayden takes a buddies piss load while wetting himself
Young Jayden getting his jeans piss soakedPiss pig Jayden Taylor taking a hot stream in his mouth

Fans of piss play, whether as hoser or guzzler, will love Jayden’s Double Hosedown from Boys-Pissing.com. Provided you like twinks, of course. Jayden, the piss bottom, takes on Ryan Conners and Rad Matthews. Both boys have really nice, juicy cocks and Jayden looks damn hot slurping the fat stogies down his young, eager throat.

As hot as it is to watch someone so young and innocent looking as Jayden be as depraved and piggy as his elder counterparts, I can’t help but wonder how amazing that he’s so willing. He seems to like it so much! When I was his age I never would have thought I’d get off on piss play. In fact, I would just shudder and go “Eeeeeeeeeeeeew!” Still can’t help but wonder, looks like they’ve got parquet floors. Who’s cleaning that up?

Watch piss-guzzling twinks get raunchy with piss play. Visit them at Boys-Pissing.com!

Jayden Taylor with a mouth full of hard dickCute young Jayden with a load of hot cum dripping down his face

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Jayden Taylor Is A Total Piss Pig

Ripped young guys with soft cocksSmooth young guy drinking piss
Young guy drinks his piss while a buddy pisses on himYoung guy pissing himself while drinking from the tap

Jayden Taylor and Mike Roberts, in Boys Pissing, get into some very heavy piss play for two innocent looking guys that look like the sweet, guy next door type. Jayden is already a major piss pig. Watching him gargle with Mike’s thick, heavy stream gives me a major boner. Instantly. I love that this type of debauchery is usually reserved for guys who have had long-term experience with water sports. Both giving and receiving.

But as hot as he is to watch getting pissed on, Jayden then goes and showers his own piss all over his already showered body! Love that he’s got that rosary type of thing around his neck. Makes it all the more perverse to watch such innocent beauty debase himself for millions of viewers to see and get off on.

You can watch these two hot piss pigs on Boys-Pissing.com where you’ll see Jayden get a nice cum facial!

Boy taking piss in his mouth while pissing himselfBuff Jock pisses all over young twink
Young guy gets pissed on while a buddy pisses all over himCute young guy drinking piss

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Twink Gets Piss All Over The Toilet @ Boys Pissing

Tattood twink in the bathroomSkinny hairless twink pissing with hard on
Hard teenager cock pissing in the toilet
Thick twink cock pissing Young jock pissing with hard cock
Hard teenagers cock pissing on toilet

Turk Mason, at Boys Pissing is a hot little fucker with the right amount of innocence mixed with dirty, pigboy. Reminds me of a Scrub ‘N Fuck I once invited home for a night of debauchery. Bought a coupla six packs, hung out, played video games. Before I knew what was happening, he was in my bathtub, still in his clothes. His dick was out and he had pissed himself. He wasn’t exactly wasted but he wasn’t sober, either. I figured he wouldn’t know the difference so I just whipped it out and pissed all over his hair, face and clothes. Little fucker even gargled with it. I wondered what depraved soul corrupted him, wishing it had been me when he shoved his own throat on my cock to deep throat me. By that point I didn’t care. I was just glad he was a human urinal.

Gotta take a leak? Visit Boys-Pissing.com and get a piss-boy of your own.

Cum covered twink cock pissing
Smooth boy washes cum off his chest with warm piss

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Young Cuties Into Piss @ BoysPissing.com

Jayden Taylor and Zack RandallSmooth Twink boys kiss and piss in their mouths
Young guys shoot piss in their mouthsRipped young guy pisses on friend while he jerks off

I think most would agree that Zack Randall and Jayden Taylor, from Boys Pissing are not only hot. They’re pretty, cute and irresistable. They’re like the clean-cut preppy type that would normally go “Eeeew!” at even the suggestion of watersports. Which, of course, only emphasizes just how pervy the young can sometimes be. Further fuel for those of us who love to see the corruption of innocence and the deconstruction of their morality.

You don’t have to be into young twink/jock boys. But look at the pics above, the one showing them pissing into each other’s mouths, their tongues hanging out. Doesn’t that make you want to get into piss play? Even if you’ve never tried it, you gotta admit, that’s hot! I would have loved to be there to watch. Except I keep thinking maybe Zack and Jayden never saw Ghostbusters. They crossed the stream!

Make sure you cum, or go, to Boys-Pissing.com. Regardless of whether or not you’re into water sports, these two cuties are bound to get you as worked up as they got me!

Smooth boy gets pissed on by buddy while wearing jeansHairless Twink pisses on his chest outside

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