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Two Pigs Destroy Each Others Asses @ Dark Alley

Hooded pig sucking Matthias' cock
Mathais works a toy into a hooded bottom's pig hole
Matthais gets his pig hole opened in the sling

It’s always hot to see a porn star who works for one of the big Condom Nazi leave the studio and go to the “dark side” of bareback porn. Though honestly, these days bareback is pretty mainstream (which is why those studios who continue to refuse to work with bareback porn stars make no sense). Anyway, Matthias von Fistenberg used to work for Falcon. He’s one hot hunk of manly muscle – very much the Falcon type. But even back then he was into fisting in a big way (which you might guess based on his name). And I’ve always heard 99% of fisting bottoms are poz, and if you’re poz what’s the point of using rubbers? You’ve already got the “big bad scary disease”. So I guess it’s no wonder he’s now doing bareback porn – in this case for Dark Alley’s “Dark Room” site – which is all about fisting and piss plus the barebacking which is standard fare for Dark Alley.

In this scene Matthias swaps it up with fellow fisting bottom Marco – who apparently is a big ‘ol pig but is trying to keep his real identity a secret from friends and family. The hood he wears is pretty hardcore and definitely does the job of disguising who he is. You know – it’s sorta hot to think that his friends and family have no clue he’s getting fisted in porn videos for a well-known studio. I mean he could be just about anyone you know – your boss could be a piss and fisting bottom for all you know.

Check out DarkRoom.DarkAlley.com for more muscular piggy guys – after all, there’s not much hotter than seeing a big ripped bodybuilder take a fist deep into his ass after getting pissed on and fucked bareback. Oink!

Matthias gets his hole opend in the sling
Huge toy destroy's Matthias' ass

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Hot Pigs Fuck and Piss @RawAndRough.com

Jake raw fucks Kevin in the sling
Kevin Mead get a face full of warm piss
Marco wollows in the piss of five fuck buds

The director at RawAndRough.com told me that Marco Cruise was “his Judy Garland” – he gave the scenes a little kick, a little energy. Marco’s able to do that because he’s messy. He’ll arrive on set high as kite. And one moment he’ll be bouncing off the walls, and the next moment he’ll crash and you’ll find him asleep on the floor. But he’s a great pig and thanks in part to all the drugs his hole can take incredible abuse. But he’ll say things like “I’ve never been fisted before” (lol – has he watched his own porn videos?), and his profile on BBRT at one point last year said he was neg (yeah, right). I think last I looked I think it said “not sure”. Seriously? I mean it’s hot to think a neg bottom is getting fisted and having poz loads dump up his prolapsed ass, but he’s done enough of that sort of stuff that even if he hasn’t been tested, he can be pretty sure of his status…

Anyway, messy pigs make for great porn, and that’s what you see here… Yeah, there’s a urinal on the wall, but why use it when you can piss on the guy next to you? And look at how red Marco’s rosebud is… It really is a thing of beauty. I’m seriously jealous of Jake Wetmore for getting to play with it and fuck it.

Honestly, I think Marco is one of those porn stars who will die of a drug overdose. It’s sad, but in the meantime he’s making some great porn. Check out Raw & Rough for more scenes with him – they’re hot! And yes, fucking Marco is on my bucket list. I just hope I can dump a load in his hole before he OD’s. He really is a great bottom. It’s too bad he’s such a mess…

Jake Wetmore admires Marco's cummy rosebud
Cummy cock fucks Marco's hairy ass

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Filling Fuckholes With Anything That’ll Fit @ HDKFisting.com

Inked top getting his nipples played withnNpple sucking action before the fisting
Sucking on a pumped dick
Loading up a raw hole with lube for a fisting session

Honestly, back in the day I wasn’t that interested in fisting. Don’t get me wrong I loved to get my ass filled will all manner of objects (and dick) but fisting never caught my eye. HDKFisting.com put fisting right in my field of vision and I never looked back.

After watching this clip I find myself at a loss for words. This video features three versatile fisting pigs Tony Ryder, Red Light and Kiwi seeing what they can fit in their hungry holes and how deep they can get it. Tony is the first piggy to get it. He throws his boots in the air and takes Red Light’s fist in a sling. I gotta say I love those fister-red socks peeking out the top of his boots. Kiwi opens up and takes both fists to the elbow. (In more red socks.) He isn’t satisfied with being stretched he wants those fists in deep. He heaves himself upright and sits on those fists.

My favorite part of the clip happens about 48 seconds in when Kiwi is on his knees, Tony is in to the elbow, and you can see Red *pop* right in. WOOF. The climax of the clip has Tony working his way up both Reds’ and Kiwis’ chutes. He is going to see which hole he can get shoulder deep into first. I won’t spoil the surprise.

You know what? Screw poker nights; I say we need to get a few gifted bottoms a skilled fisting top and start placing bets.

We don’t even get to see the greasing of the holes with the turkey baster or watch them work the baseball bat up Tonys’ fuck hole. It’s worth the trip over to HDKFisting.com to check it out.

Fisting a tight hole in a sling
Lube drenched softball bat fills a sloppy hole
Taking two hands for the ultimate stretch

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High Intensity Rauchy Gay Sex From Dick Wadd

Two muscle tops piss on a guy in a sling
Marc Hamilton covered in piss
Three gusy line up to piss on Marc Hamilton
Bud drinks down a warm load of piss
Buds Pierced cock pissed on by Marc's hard dick
Hot young top fed a load of piss from a bottom

Put text here about BarebackBox.com is a site that focuses on bareback fucking. They have a wider array of models from twink to trashy. This offering brings us a bunch of muscle piss pigs. Each one of them gives as well as they get.

The models in this photo set are Marc Hamilton, Patrick Stone, Tucker Ford, Marcus Scott, Bud, Taurus, Eric Rogers, and Chet Thrasher. My google-foo has failed me so I can’t tell you too much about these hot horny guys except Marc Hamilton (the guy getting pissed on in the second photo) was in my all time favorite Pup-Play video. He didn’t get pissed on and seeing him covered in piss now makes me feel a little disappointed in that film. He is defiantly a piss pig who should get soaked in every film he does.

This set very raunchy which I like. Though there is more in the complete video at Dick Wadd videos at BarebackBox.com such as fisting, piss enemas, and some cummy bare back fucking.

Bud eats out a guys hole before he raw fucks him
Inked pig Bud tongues a guys tight hole
Thick raw cock pushed into hungry hole
Bud getting his hole fucked while the top gets his hole fisted
Bud getting his hole fucked raw
Pig waits in a sling to get his ass fisted
Bud's hot hairy ass in a sling
Buds pierced and hairy hole ready for more raw cock

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Masked Muscle Hunk Fists Latino Pig @ HDK Fisting

Masked top Hans Inya working his fist into a tight assMano Ryder strokes his cock while getting his ass opened up
Masked top Hans Inya working his bare fist into Mano's tight hole
Masked top Hans Inya working his bare fist into Mano's tight hole

Well it’s Christmas so I thought I would give you a little red (hankie) action today. To be fair HDKFisting.com did most of the work, but I suggested adding the green straps for the Holiday color scheme. I hope you like it.

The hungry hole is Mano Ryder an experienced fisting bottom. His ass can and has swallowed huge dicks and forceful fists. The other half of this raunchy pair is Hans Inya. He is sporting the pants tightening rubber mask. Woof. The video is pretty straight forward. Hans plunges his forearm as far in to Mano’s chute as it can go, then pulls out adds more grease and forced his way back in. Mano grunts like the eager fist pig he is which Hans takes to mean he should go deeper, which he of coarse should.

It’s easy to be so focused on Mano’s abused hole that you miss a few other hot elements. Hans has a huge pierced nipple and it’s at full attention in profile in a few shots. And I love when Hans punches so hard the sling shakes.

If you can’t get enough fisting, and honestly who can, unwrap your meaty package, take it in hand and go over to HDKFisting.com.

Hans Inya working open a tight hole
Mano lays back in the sling while Hans works his ass open

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