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Matthieu Paris Gets An Arm Up His Butt @ Fisting Central

Antonio enjoys Matthieu's hot young ass
Matthieu Paris fed Antonio's fat cockAntonio gets a taste of Matthieu's hot ass
Antnio Biaggo srwist deep in Matthieu Paris' hot ass

Despite its name FistingCentral.com isn’t a one trick pony. It is known for one thing and it does it well (very well) but it’s got something for everyone and a little for non fisters as well. Interracial, leather, sounding, piss it’s got a lot more than puckered holes and disappearing arms. Though most do come as a side dish to the five fingered main course.

The clip starts with Antonio Biagg voraciously eating Matthieu Paris’s ass. It’s a thing to watch. He is on it like a starving man given a sandwich. We get a wonderful view of Matthieu’s tight un-stretched ass as Antonio violently spears it with his impressively large tongue. From there we go to Antonio fucking Matthieu with his equally impressive tool. Slipping his hand up there to keep his cock company. The last segment of the clip is Antonio straight fisting Matthieu. Popping his wrist in and out as Matts ass grips and releases. Antonio shoves his arm as far as he can get it before going at it with the same fervor we saw at the beginning of the clip. Matt eventually has to cry stop. His poor ass all worn out.

There is a ton more of this video. Hell there are a ton more videos at FistingCentral.com. They are all hot and all worth a look.

Matthieu Paris' pink gaping holeAntonio works his fist into Matthieu's hairy hole
Matthieu bends over for Antnio's handMatthieu Paris getting his ass opened up by Antonio Biaggi
Antonio Biaggi's arm opens up Matthieu's tight hole

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Hot Jock Bound Under Water @ BoundGods.Com

CJ Mdison sits on Dante's face and makes him eat his ass
CJ Madison floggs Dante's ass till it is red
Dante forced down on CJ's cock
Tied up Dante is tortured by CJ Madison

I love BoundGods.com. They are very creative with their bondage. Does anyone else watch these porns and take notes for later. I remember when getting tied to the bed with shoelaces was mind bogglingly kinky for me. Now if I can get out of it on my own I don’t even consider it bondage.

The Dom here is CJ Madison. I have no idea who the sub is. But in my dark little heart of hearts I think the little bitch doesn’t really need a name anyway. And once he is blindfolded gagged and bent over it’s not going to get used. CJ is hot as hell. He is one mean Dom, verbal and commanding. He is sparsely tattooed which is a shame but I would love to put my tongue on that tramp stamp and work my way south. The sub is pretty cute too. I am always happy to see a sub that hasn’t been shaved. Woof! Man Hair.

The highlight of this video is the water tank. Imagine being bound while the water slowly rises. You are totally at the mercy of your Dominant. You better hope he lets you out before you run out of air. But before the water gets to high if you can reach that dick you better suck it.

To see the whole video complete with predicament bondage, fucking and a delicious cum shot go to BoundGods.com.

Dante eager to suyck CJ's hard cock
Dante's hands tied and underwater
CJ Madison fucking Dante's hole while he is tied upDante underwater, while CJ Madison strokes his hard cock

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Tattooed Submissive Gets Fist Fucked By Tim Kruger @ Tim Tales

Tim Kruger and Ben Armstrong make out
Ben Armstrong on his kn ees sucking Tim's cock
Tim's fat cock about to pound Ben's hot ass

In this video from TimTales.com the pig getting fisted and fucked is Ben Armstrong. I gotta say, after viewing this video I am of the opinion that every little piglet should come with a septum ring. Just a little something to lead them to your dick by.

Tim Kruger is the top in this film and even knowing what a rabid slut that I am I don’t think I could take that monster (mouth watering) dick in one push. Kudos to Ben. But he has had plenty of practice turning that ass in to an eager boy cunt. If he hadn’t then Tim would definitely give it to him. Tim doesn’t waste any time getting his fist inserted deeply in to Bens’ ass. Well he takes the time to face fuck Ben first but that isn’t time wasted.

I am a little surprised to see a condom on Tim. I swear I have seen Ben take dick bare before, though I think it was before the hot as hell chain tattoo. The scene ends with Tims’ dick poised above Bens’ face. You don’t get to see it in the preview but it’s one hell of a cum shot. Check it out at TimTales.com.

Ben's well fisted open hole
Pierced and inked bad boy Ben Armstrong with a fist in his ass
Tim's bare fist in Ben's tight young ass
Ben eats a hot load from Tim's fat cock

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Tattooed Sub Pig Submits To Skinhead Top @ BulldogPit.com

Slim hunk is restrained in his overalls and white wife beaterInked hunk is gagged and bound at the arms
Skinny guy strokes his hard dick while his balls are lickedToned guy gets his cock slurped and swallowed and his nuts squeezed
Inked stud licks the head of a rock hard dick

Everything I find on these two during my “research” points to them being a pair of raunchy fuckers. Lewis Quintini is an ass busting macho top. He is in his late forties and all the hotter for it. Eustus Hunt is a power bottom who likes it rough. According to his bio on BulldogPit.com if he can’t find a dick to fuck his ass he stuffs himself with oversized dildos. I just like him for the huge fucking tattoo on his chest.

This clip shows excellent chemistry between the two actors. Eustus is out and about on the farm when he gets horny, so he decides to wonder innocently to the barn. Seeing the not very subtle Eustus leading the way Lewis follows. Once in the barn Eustus becomes the beast of sexual burden and is put in a yoke with two huge dildos chained to it. Lewis forces the obligingly submissive Eustus to suck his dick while he spits on the willing slut. Eustus is then bent over a four wheeler and fucked hard. Once Lewis’s 8.5 inch dick has had its fill of Eustus’s man cunt, he breaks out the dildos. The scene ends with two enticingly huge dildos yet to be used.

You want to see more, trust me. Go to BulldogPit.com.

Smooth bodied hunk plays with his buds stretched nutsack and smacks his assSlim dominant male fingers his bitches tight hole
Tattooed guy gets his ass pounded hard and deep by his sexy top
Smooth bodied hunk fucks hit bottoms tight hole rough
Heavily tattooed punk stroked his cock hard waiting to blowSmooth bodied stud rubs his cock in the cum he just shot

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Butch Grand & Aitor Crash Swap Fist Fucks @ AlphaMaleFuckers.com

Furry bear ass ready to take fist
Butch's haiy hole open after being fist fuckedFurry bear hole takes a bare fist in its hole
Butch gives fist back to Aitor's tight hole
Butch's bare fist ready to invade Aitor's hole
Hot furry hole opened up by a fist

I get charged when I chat with bottoms into anal play… mainly the ones who get fisted or wanna try it… I sometimes slip and call them a cunt. Been slapped down by a few. I get an indignant: I’m a man! Hell, I know that! But there’s something hot when you talk dirty about another guy’s mancunt. I think Butch Grand and Aitor Crash, in this scene Alpha Male Fuckers would agree.

Example. There was this butch, hairy fucker from Texas who invited me to a sex party. When I got there, he was in a sling with a bald guy’s forearm half gone. The host saw me and pushed the arm out of his ass. He wanted my fist. I started punch fucking his sloppy hole like I was reaching in for cattle. Then he had me stop and shove my cock inside him. The bald guy crawled between my legs, shoved his fist inside the host and grabbed my cock.

“Now jerk his cock off inside my cunt!” It was all the host said. Three pumps later and I sprayed my load inside the man’s cunt. Yeah. Some guys like it like that. Shoulda seen him when I called it his pussy!

Visit AlphaMaleFuckers.com and watch Butch and Aitor fist each other’s hairy mancunts!

Aitor ready to fuck Butch's furry hole bareback
Daddy bear Butch fucks Aitors tight hole

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