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Fisting And Submission In The Locker Room @ Bound Gods

Billy Berlin tied up and abused by Dak Ramsey
Dak strokes bound Billy's dick
Billy shoots water out of his ass after an enema

I am a real fan of BoundGods.com‘s stuff. The guys are hot and the sex is brutal. There is a lot of fairly vanilla “bondage sex” videos out there but Bound Gods puts some real SM in to it. This video for instance has some very impressive suspension bondage. But it also has power play, humiliation and pain in the mix.

The scene starts out with the two models in an interview. Dak Ramsey is the Dom and Billy Berlin is the sub. The opening interview which is in the video is about 4 minutes long and unless you are interested in two hot guys with their clothes on totally worth skipping to get right to the fun stuff. Billy is taking a shower when Dak walks in and changed in to his gym clothes. Billy innocently asks the time and this sexually enrages Dak and the fun begins.

Things progress quickly from forced oral, to spanking, rimming, more spanking, more forced oral, and then rope bondage. Billy struggles for a bit then Dak comes in to play with him before beginning the enema play.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed this enema scene. There really isn’t much to watch in enema play. But Billy struggles and Dak is very vocal while swatting Billy’s pretty ass with a riding crop. All in all it’s very hot. I even enjoyed Billy shooting the enema plug out of his ass spraying crystal clear ass water all over the shower floor.

All this cleaning leads to a marvelous suspension fucking scene followed by a great fisting scene. If you are in to rope work at all these two scenes are ones to study. The fisting Scene has Billy tied up on his back with his legs held open by some creative rope work. Dak approaches him with a giant syringe filled with lube. He crams it deep in to Billy’s bowels and empties it. All by itself that is hot as hell. Dak starts working Billy’s hole. You can tell that although Billy’s chute is already very loose from all the earlier attention it has gotten it’s not quite ready to take a fist. So we get to watch him get loosened up. I almost felt the “pop” myself when Dak finally got past the knuckles.

I recommend the watching the whole video at BoundGods.com It’s one of my all time favorite videos.

Dak fills Billy's hole with lube
Dax Ramsey deep fist fucking Billy Berlin's hole
Dax Ramsey deep fist fucking Billy Berlin's hole
Dak about to double fist Billy Berlin's ass

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