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Patrick O’Connor Used and Abused @RawAndRough.com

Piss pig Patrick drinks from the tap
Ray Dalton feeds Patrick a load of warm piss
Patrick O'Connor in the tub getting pissed on
Chad floggs Patrick's swollen ass

Have you had a fantasy where you let go and just do what you are told by a bunch of hot men? It doesn’t matter if you are a lawyer, doctor, banker, politician, policeman, sometimes you just need to surrender to a nasty group of men, that not only will fuck fuck you, but will own you and treat you like the piece of shit you feel. Raw & Rough is the place to see some men roughed up in that way, and enjoying every single second of it.

Patrick O’Connor is in for a treat when Ray Dalton, Dane Caroggio, Chad Brock and Blake Ericson surround him while he is on a bathtub and shower him with powerful streams of hot, smelly man piss. 4 Men dressed with leather harnesses, boots, and jockstraps, hairy, muscular, and horny, desperate to tear apart his hole, to flog him and make his ass cherry red with a flogger. They fuck him, taking turns until Dane shoots his milky load inside Patrick’s fuck chute, and them the nasty Ray Dalton felches it all, slurping like the pig he is. Patrick is left sore, spent, soaked in piss and cum, with a gaping hole, but also a beatific smile on his face.

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Patirick's hot ass spanked red
Chad Brock slides his raw cock up Patrick's hole
Patrick's well fucked ass ozzing with a hot load

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Top Abuses A Lean Pain Pig @ Bound Gods

Jason licks the pouch of Wolf's rubber jock
Tied down and his balls teathered Jason gets his head shaved
Locked in the stocks, Jason Miller is forced to suck Wolfs cock
Jason Miller sticks out his tongue to recieve a poke from the cattle prod
Jason sreams in pain from the cattle prod

This scene from Bound Gods has some heavy I have deep respect for a bottom who can take serious abuse from a Dom. Jason Miller proves himself a true pain slut and takes everything Wolf Hudson can dish out. Wolf is one hell of a mean fucker. I could worship that rubber jock and the cock inside for hours. I would happily be tied down and flogged. I would let Wolf shave whatever he wanted and call me a bitch, but that cattle prod scares the submissive bottom slut right out of me.

Those clamps look painful. Anyone who has been on the receiving end of a sadistic CBT session knows it isn’t putting the clamps on that hurts it’s taking those suckers off. First it pinches, then the pain swells until it peaks, after a while you get used to it then the Dom takes the clamps off and the blood rushes back in and it’s a brand new ache. It’s like having a leg asleep begin to wake up with all the needles but so much worse. What I hate is your writhing in all this pain (if you are free to writhe) but you can’t stop it, it’s not like there is anything to remove. The clamp is already gone, and you can’t rub the area because that would create new worlds of agony.

I haven’t seen anything from this site I didn’t love in the depths of my masochistic heart. Check Bound Gods out for yourself.

Wolf Hudson punches tied up Jason Miller in the stomach
Wolf whips Jason's tight smooth abs
Wolf ispects his work torturing Jason
Jasons sack tortured
Tied down, Wolf plows Jasons hungry hole

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Beefy Tattooed Daddy Takes A Fist @ HDK Fisting

Bill Marlow and Dax Reed ready to get nastyDax Reed ready to worship hard Daddy dick
Har raw dick pounds hair hole
Hard raw dick ready to fuck tight hole
Hairy hole forced open by huge toy

First let me say I love the shiny rubber jock. Leather is the standard for kinky play, but first in my raunchy heart is rubber. It seems dirtier, more industrial. Seeing it on this beefy tattooed daddy really does it for me. I could see this rubber fucker taking a hard raw dick in a back alley somewhere. In my mind nothing screams “PIG” like rubber. Thank you HDK Fisting.

Dax Reed is seriously a fisting PIG. I think you have to earn the title PIG. Whatever you are into you have to wallow in it. It needs to be something you truly crave and when people see you indulging, they say “Damn he is one hell of a PIG.” Dax does this. At one point he stops Bill Marlows’ dildo work, rolls over and presents his ass for fisting. Bill has no problem giving him the hole punching he is craving. I was just waiting for that star tattoo on Bills wrist to disappear up Reed’s chute.

This only scene 2 HDKFisting.com has more to see and it’s just as raunchy.

Big fist forces its way into hairy hole dripping with lube
Bill Marlow punch fucks Dax's hole
Dax Reed getting his hole punch fucked by Bill Marlow

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