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Guy Fucks His Own Cock With A Sounding Rod @ Fetish Force

Sky lubes up his dick for a sounding sessionRubber Blond boy sounding his urethra
Sexy  rubber boy Sky Devil sounding his fat dickRubber boy Sky Devil sounding his fat cock

FetishForce.com has a little something for everyone no matter what fetish flag you fly. Although I don’t think Sounding has its own flag. And to my knowledge neither does rubber, which is a shame because both are hot as hell, but I guess a swatch of rubber in your pocket and a sound would get the point across.

This clip features a rubbered up Sky Devil in a solo performance. He has an impressive dick and this sounding clip makes sure it is the center of attention. Even if you are not in to sounding, it’s cock worth staring at. My personal favorite part of the clips is between 1:37 and 1:47 seconds. He is fucking his dick with the sound and you can see it moving under his flesh expanding his piss tube. There is something very erotic about watching the stainless steel fill him up and expand his urethra.

For more of this and other raunchy fun check out the vids at FetishForce.com.

Sky Devil using a sounding rod on his hard dickSky's hard cock with a steel sounding rod instered

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Top Abuses A Lean Pain Pig @ Bound Gods

Jason licks the pouch of Wolf's rubber jock
Tied down and his balls teathered Jason gets his head shaved
Locked in the stocks, Jason Miller is forced to suck Wolfs cock
Jason Miller sticks out his tongue to recieve a poke from the cattle prod
Jason sreams in pain from the cattle prod

This scene from Bound Gods has some heavy I have deep respect for a bottom who can take serious abuse from a Dom. Jason Miller proves himself a true pain slut and takes everything Wolf Hudson can dish out. Wolf is one hell of a mean fucker. I could worship that rubber jock and the cock inside for hours. I would happily be tied down and flogged. I would let Wolf shave whatever he wanted and call me a bitch, but that cattle prod scares the submissive bottom slut right out of me.

Those clamps look painful. Anyone who has been on the receiving end of a sadistic CBT session knows it isn’t putting the clamps on that hurts it’s taking those suckers off. First it pinches, then the pain swells until it peaks, after a while you get used to it then the Dom takes the clamps off and the blood rushes back in and it’s a brand new ache. It’s like having a leg asleep begin to wake up with all the needles but so much worse. What I hate is your writhing in all this pain (if you are free to writhe) but you can’t stop it, it’s not like there is anything to remove. The clamp is already gone, and you can’t rub the area because that would create new worlds of agony.

I haven’t seen anything from this site I didn’t love in the depths of my masochistic heart. Check Bound Gods out for yourself.

Wolf Hudson punches tied up Jason Miller in the stomach
Wolf whips Jason's tight smooth abs
Wolf ispects his work torturing Jason
Jasons sack tortured
Tied down, Wolf plows Jasons hungry hole

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Masculine Rubber Pigs @ Butch Dixon

Men in tight rubber chaps and gasmaskRubber boy in gas mask gets blow job from bear
Muscle bear in rubber forced to suck uncut dickBearded stud in rubber tongues uncut cock

I’ve seen some piggy stuff in my life. Things that would make the preppy, leather wannabe’s at Ramrod run screaming into the Hudson with their perfectly manicured nails, non-mussed coif and their A&F panties in a wad. This scene with Dolan & Trey, from Butch Dixon doesn’t quite reflect some of the things I’ve seen or done but it comes pretty close.

I still have a problem with certain types of masks. These just remind me of a Doctor Who episode I saw once where this little kid runs around going “Are you my mummy?” But I guess in this case Dolan could ask that of Trey and get a pretty good response. Lots of spit, sweat and nasty talk as rubber wearing Trey, the redhead, uses the very willing Dolan who slobbers all over Trey’s uncut dick like a pig eating slop. He’s got a deliciously hairy ass that Trey reams out, works over and practically fists before riding him. Some good cock and ball play, too.

Wanna see more of these piggy fuckers? Check them out at ButchDixon.com. FYI: Bring your own mask!

Rubber clad muscle bear spitting on hairy bear holerubber clad hands sopread hairy bear cheeks
Rubber clad hand playing with beefy bear assBeefy hairy ass to accomodate fist

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