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Hot Pigs Fuck and Piss @RawAndRough.com

Jake raw fucks Kevin in the sling
Kevin Mead get a face full of warm piss
Marco wollows in the piss of five fuck buds

The director at RawAndRough.com told me that Marco Cruise was “his Judy Garland” – he gave the scenes a little kick, a little energy. Marco’s able to do that because he’s messy. He’ll arrive on set high as kite. And one moment he’ll be bouncing off the walls, and the next moment he’ll crash and you’ll find him asleep on the floor. But he’s a great pig and thanks in part to all the drugs his hole can take incredible abuse. But he’ll say things like “I’ve never been fisted before” (lol – has he watched his own porn videos?), and his profile on BBRT at one point last year said he was neg (yeah, right). I think last I looked I think it said “not sure”. Seriously? I mean it’s hot to think a neg bottom is getting fisted and having poz loads dump up his prolapsed ass, but he’s done enough of that sort of stuff that even if he hasn’t been tested, he can be pretty sure of his status…

Anyway, messy pigs make for great porn, and that’s what you see here… Yeah, there’s a urinal on the wall, but why use it when you can piss on the guy next to you? And look at how red Marco’s rosebud is… It really is a thing of beauty. I’m seriously jealous of Jake Wetmore for getting to play with it and fuck it.

Honestly, I think Marco is one of those porn stars who will die of a drug overdose. It’s sad, but in the meantime he’s making some great porn. Check out Raw & Rough for more scenes with him – they’re hot! And yes, fucking Marco is on my bucket list. I just hope I can dump a load in his hole before he OD’s. He really is a great bottom. It’s too bad he’s such a mess…

Jake Wetmore admires Marco's cummy rosebud
Cummy cock fucks Marco's hairy ass

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Black Stallion Fists Gasmasked Pig @ Fisting Central

Gas Masked pig on a ladder ready to get his ass fist fucked
Veefy Amerifist works a few fingers into a smooth ass
Amerifist works in hand into a smooth hole

I’m not sure what sort of plot this video from Fisting Central has that there’s 1) a guy in a jockstrap and a gas mask, 2) a guy in leather, and 3) a ladder all in a fully-furnished room, but hey… porn isn’t really about the plot, right?

Even with the weird plot, the video is hot. For starters the bottom (“Fist Rider”) is so pale, and the top (“Amerifist” – with a plot like this one, did you expect better names?) is so dark the interracial aspect is really heightened – it’s sorta hot. It’s like the devil fisting Casper the Ghost – though Amerifist looks a lot nicer than the Devil 🙂

I love how easily Fist Rider’s hole opens up, and how much of Amerifist’s arm can go up Fist Rider’s ass. In that one pic Fist Rider practically has a rosebud – he just needs to push it out. VERY hot indeed!

If you wanna see some really hot, hardcore fisting – head over to FistingCentral.com and check them out. You’ll be glad you did.

Smooth jocked ass with a big fist in itTight ass starts to make a rosebud
Red rosebud of a well fisted ass

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Well-Fisted Jock Hole Gets A Rosebud @ Hothouse Dungeon

Claude messages Pauls tight back
Claude messages Paul's tight holePaul Tuner's smooth pink hole
Paul Tuner ready for Claude De Martini to pound his hole with a huge dildo
Claude froces a huge toy into Pauls tight ass

This scene from FISTING BIG LEAGUES – Hot House Dungeon shows us that after a long hard sweaty work out there is nothing like a deep tissue massage and fisting. If I got this kind of intimate attention from the personal trainers at my gym I would be a dedicated gym rat.

The scene starts out when Claude De Martini arrives to give Paul Turner a massage. Claude focuses on Paul’s glutes and willing hole, giving his ass a rough digital probing before moving on to an oversized black dildo which is eventually discarded in favor of his own meaty fist.

Paul shows us he can give as well as he can take when Claude throws his ankles in the air and offers his hole up for some abuse. After some vigorous hole punching and throaty grunts. Claude shows off a beautiful rosebud. For more hole stretching go to Dungeon.Hothouse.com.

Claude deep fisting Paul's smooth ass
Paul Turners smoth ass hungry for another fistClaude Me Martini is proud of his rosebud
paul gets two hands into Claude's tight hole
Paul takes turns double fisting Claude's holeCalude's well fisted hole produces a rosebud

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