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Bondage, Suspension And Submission @ BoundGods.com

Suspended in rope bondage, Derek Pain sucks Van's cock
Muscle boy Derek restrained and tortured by Van
Derek Pain's nipples in clamps

Van turns up the electricty on Derek;s cock

Are you bored of the same old in-and-out? Maybe you should spice up your sex life and your porn, be a bit (or a lot) more daring, and consider surrendering to your deep desires to start exploring the continent of domination, submission and how cruel pain can be turned into exquisite pleasure beyond belief. Bound Gods is the right website if you are looking for this, to see how a man can turn another into a slave obeying their will, doing anything, even standing the most abject humiliations, just to please their men.

Sometimes bondage goes beyond sex to become art. And that’s what’s happening here. Derek Pain is not only tied and immobilized, but done so in a precise, meticulous way. His torture is a very carefully planned session, not just a whim of an insecure top, it is a ritual that binds two men and test Derek Pain’s endurance, as Van Darkholme suspends him, applies electricity to his cock and balls, chokes him with his cock, fucks him, and tortures his nipples. Derek has an impressive bodybuilder physique, but that doesn’t mean that he can escape his well deserved punishment.

If your fantasy is to submit completely or to have full control of another man, don’t waste any more time – join BoundGods.com.

Derek bound, getting his meaty ass played with by Van Darkholme
Derek Pain forced down on Van's hard cock
Van Darkholme fucking bound Derek Pain

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Hot Jock Bound Under Water @ BoundGods.Com

CJ Mdison sits on Dante's face and makes him eat his ass
CJ Madison floggs Dante's ass till it is red
Dante forced down on CJ's cock
Tied up Dante is tortured by CJ Madison

I love BoundGods.com. They are very creative with their bondage. Does anyone else watch these porns and take notes for later. I remember when getting tied to the bed with shoelaces was mind bogglingly kinky for me. Now if I can get out of it on my own I don’t even consider it bondage.

The Dom here is CJ Madison. I have no idea who the sub is. But in my dark little heart of hearts I think the little bitch doesn’t really need a name anyway. And once he is blindfolded gagged and bent over it’s not going to get used. CJ is hot as hell. He is one mean Dom, verbal and commanding. He is sparsely tattooed which is a shame but I would love to put my tongue on that tramp stamp and work my way south. The sub is pretty cute too. I am always happy to see a sub that hasn’t been shaved. Woof! Man Hair.

The highlight of this video is the water tank. Imagine being bound while the water slowly rises. You are totally at the mercy of your Dominant. You better hope he lets you out before you run out of air. But before the water gets to high if you can reach that dick you better suck it.

To see the whole video complete with predicament bondage, fucking and a delicious cum shot go to BoundGods.com.

Dante eager to suyck CJ's hard cock
Dante's hands tied and underwater
CJ Madison fucking Dante's hole while he is tied upDante underwater, while CJ Madison strokes his hard cock

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Trustworthiness of siteSee more of the hottest S/M action at BoundGods.com

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Muscular Older Guy Lick Boots And Gets Fucked BB @ Bareback Masters

Cameroin Cruise sucking cock
Austin Black abuses Cameron's ass
Austin spanks Camerons ass with a riding cropAustin fingers Cameron's hole on a cage

This clip cums to us from BarebackMasters.com. That’s Master with a capital M. As in you say Sir when you address him. And you wait to address him until his dick is through with your mouth and ass.

I am in hog heaven every time they leave the leather on when they fuck. Really any time the clothes don’t come off I get hot. It’s like they are there for the fucking and they plan to get in fuck hard and raunchy then get out. On their way to seed another hungry ass or get another load perhaps?

The clip is fairly standard. It’s a montage of the full video. Cameron Cruise is the cum thirsty fuck boy. He starts the clip on his knees orally worshiping Austin Blacks leather daddy dick. His slobber has already spit shined Black’s leather cod piece. From this we move on to a wide shot of his ass and well lubed hole getting abused with a ridding crop. The crop even stays around for the fucking. Cameron gets a few nice swats on his cheeks while getting fucked by an impressive (and bare) cock. We don’t get to see Black cum in the clip but we do see Cameron spray his load all over Blacks leather books and lick it up. The clip ends with Cameron look utterly content at his Masters feet.

You can get more of this at BarebackMasters.com. It’s worth checking out for the hot pics and sample video on the main page alone.

Austin ready to raw fuck Cameron's ass
Cameron Cruise getting his ass fucked raw by Austin Black
Cameron Cruise licking up a load of cum

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