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Punch Fucking In A Boxing Ring @ Fisting Central

Ryan plays with Jame's rosebud
James sits on Ryan's bare handRyan Patric fisting James Aaron
James stretches his hole

Yes, that’s right,  FistingCentral.com brings an innovation: Mixing punch fucking and boxing. Seems only natural, right? The faint of heart might find the idea too extreme, but for us extreme pigs, it’s just beautiful

James Aaron is a perfect FF bottom. He knows his place and he’s hungry for fist. You know it when you look at his asshole, surrounded by a tattoo of flames, a ring of fire marking the place for resting our paws. He’s tall, slender and defined, inked with a shaved head, and a hungry hole, ready for Ryan Patrick to take. The Irish boy might look innocent, but you and I know that looks can be really deceiving. He gets to taste and punch fuck Aaron’s delicious hole, and he’s also fisted by Aaron, stretching his pink hole to the max, his pale brow sweating, contrasting with his fiery red hair. So, so, so yummy boys, I wish I could fist them side by side, Chariot style. One day, I bet, I’ll fist one of these pigs (I was close to fist one of them in SF 😉

If you want to see destroyed holes, showing all their gory glory, go for FistingCentral.com and see stretched, abused and prolapsing male holes ready for you to wreck!

James gets his fist into Ryan's ass
Ryan sits his ass on James's fist
James and Ryan stretch his hole

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Tattooed Submissive Gets Fist Fucked By Tim Kruger @ Tim Tales

Tim Kruger and Ben Armstrong make out
Ben Armstrong on his kn ees sucking Tim's cock
Tim's fat cock about to pound Ben's hot ass

In this video from TimTales.com the pig getting fisted and fucked is Ben Armstrong. I gotta say, after viewing this video I am of the opinion that every little piglet should come with a septum ring. Just a little something to lead them to your dick by.

Tim Kruger is the top in this film and even knowing what a rabid slut that I am I don’t think I could take that monster (mouth watering) dick in one push. Kudos to Ben. But he has had plenty of practice turning that ass in to an eager boy cunt. If he hadn’t then Tim would definitely give it to him. Tim doesn’t waste any time getting his fist inserted deeply in to Bens’ ass. Well he takes the time to face fuck Ben first but that isn’t time wasted.

I am a little surprised to see a condom on Tim. I swear I have seen Ben take dick bare before, though I think it was before the hot as hell chain tattoo. The scene ends with Tims’ dick poised above Bens’ face. You don’t get to see it in the preview but it’s one hell of a cum shot. Check it out at TimTales.com.

Ben's well fisted open hole
Pierced and inked bad boy Ben Armstrong with a fist in his ass
Tim's bare fist in Ben's tight young ass
Ben eats a hot load from Tim's fat cock

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Hot Young Top Gets Serviced By His Puppy @ BoundGods.com

Luke Riley bound and plugged crawls to James Hamilton
James makes his slave Luke suck his cock while bound and plugged
Luke on his hands and knees worshiping James fat cock
Luke slobbers on James fat hard cock
Luke bound ass up so James can tongue his sweet hole
Luke forced down by James bare feet
James Hamilton makes his slave Luke Riley suck and lick his feet

Today BoundGods.com shows us that “ouch” doesn’t mean “stop.”

It’s hard to find a good puppy play scene. James Hamilton (Master), and Luke Riley (Bondage Boy) do a decent job with the admittedly niche fetish. The clip features a hobbled Luke giving James a no hands on all fours blow job with a pig tail butt plug jutting out of a well spanked ass.

This scene is full of impact play, bondage, and domination, with a little humiliation thrown in. Fans of rope bondage may want to take notes as there is some nice rope work on display. It’s not quite shibari but I think it has a nice aesthetic. Though that my appreciation of the aesthetic could be influenced by watching Luke’s already tender ass get caned and roughly fucked. The best part of this scene for me was watching Luke flinch while staying rock hard.

Now take your ass over to BoundGods.com. Don’t make me get my crop.

Luke Riley bound and blindfolded being abused by James Hmilton
James Hamilton punishes his slave Luke Riley's bubble butt
Luke Riley tied up and fucked by James Hamilton
Luke Riley bound and fucked deep by James Hamilton
Luke Riley bound getting his ass plowed deep

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Fisting Daddy & His Boy @ Hot Older Male

Daddy and Boy enjoy a rough moment on the bed
Super thick Kegan Daniels gets his cock worshiped by furry leather Daddy Karl WilliamsKegan shows off his amazing cock sucking skills for Karl
Karl chows down on sweaty boy ballsLeather Daddy Karl chows down on the boy's ass
Karl eats furry red ass
Kegan Danials anticipates Daddy's cock invading his ass

Here’s a hot, believable Daddy/Son duo I can really sink my teeth into! At least, maybe that’s just me and my pervy mind taking me down the usual road to perdition with my dad/son fantasies taking over and driving me crazy. In this scene from Hot Older Male, Kegan Abandon is the sexy red-head with back hair and pliant hole while Karl Williams is the salt & pepper, bearded Daddy who works his fist up the Boy’s hole and plays him like a puppet.

The thing I really like about Hot Older Male is that they were probably one of the first studios I noticed that didn’t make older guys look like disgusting pervs or a lech. They focused, instead, on the richness of sexual experiences older men have to offer. Makes me hopeful that I can grow old gracefully and still have a sex drive, let alone find some hot son who wants to chow down on my cock, get plowed and take my fist up his ass. And judging by the way these two look together, I’d say Karl has a bit more experience than Kegan can handle! If you wanna check out some of that manhandling on your own, visit Karl and Kegan at HotOlderMale.com.

Daddy Karl opens boy Kegan's furry ass
Leather Daddy fists boy holeKegan trys on Karls FFist for size
Daddy plays with boy ass

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