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Sexy Stud Gets Immobilized and Tied @ Bound Jocks

Lucky's hands tied behind his back
Lucky's hot ass in a jockstrap tied up
Lucky Daniels naked tied down to a tableLucky Daniels ass up tied to a table

If you’ve never fantasized about being restrained and trained under the steady hand of Dominik Rider, you are in a distinct minority. This seasoned porn veteran can be caught in many videos on a number of websites, but never…never…as you’ll see him on Bound Jocks.

Dominik Rider works hard at sculpting his naturally well-muscled bod.  All those hours of physical conditioning demand way too much discipline for any one man to take, so naturally Dominik has to find some other outlets for all the excess that he’s worked up.  It ain’t hard to find fresh meat for Dominik to heap on the discipline, so enter one lucky Lucky Daniels.  It all starts with Lucky getting trussed and hogtied, a slab of meat ready for the trip to the sausage factory…followed by some expert cocksucking and a lot more.

You say your gym doesn’t offer the special bondage and domination services of a Dominik Rider?  Not to worry.  Catch the full range of special trainer services at Bound Jocks.com here.

Domink RIder sucking tied up Licky Daniels dick
Tied up Lucky Daniels strokes his cock
Domink watched Lucky stroke his cock

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Twinky On the Outside, Kinky in the Inside @ Tribal Twinks

Two young Latin twinks kissing in the grass
Young Latino on all fours in the grass getting fucked
Smooth Latino ass getting fisted

While most guys into hardcore fetish are 35+, there are a few who get started pretty young. Take Ben & Gabriel from Tribal Twinks – there aren’t many twinks who are into fisting.

It sorta makes me wonder how they got started into something that extreme. I’d like to think that some leather daddy owned the bottom for a while and put him through the paces and taught him to be a good boy – take fists, drink piss, enjoy pain, etc. But who knows… One way or the other it’s hot to see young guys getting raunchy.

Wanna see more raunchy twinks? Then head over to TribalTwinks.com. While many of their guys are sorta vanilla, others like Ben & Gabriel know how to get raunchy…

Stocky young twink bent over a rock with his skinny Latin buddy fingering his assSmooth stocky twink bent over with a fist up his ass
Young Latino on all fours in the grass getting fisted
Smooth twink with a fist up his ass
Gaping fisted smooth twink hole

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Latin Puppies Play Hard @ Fetish Force

Hooded Leo and Alessio playing like puppies
Alessio Romero and Leo Forte in puppy play modeAlessio sniffs Leo's pup ass

One of the things I missed at Mid-Atlantic Leather this year was getting to play with a puppy. I wish there were more puppies around – like in this scene from Fetish Force – I really like playing with puppies – they’re so cuddly and submissive…

This scene features two pups playing together with no owner in sight… The two pups are Alessio Romero and Leo Forte. It’s pretty clear Alessio is the alpha dog, he takes control of the scene – being more aggressive about sniffing. Then he pisses on Leo – a clear sign of asserting his dominance as Top Dog.

Personally I like my puppies to be bottoms, so Leo Ford totally gets me off in this scene – he’s so wonderfully submissive. 😉

The one thing that gets me about the scene is the sight of Alessio fucking Leo with a puppy tail butt plug in his ass. IMHO, tops shouldn’t have butt plugs in while they’re fucking, but that’s just me… Overall the scene is pretty hot.

See the full scene at the newly expanded FetishForce.com.

Alessio Romero and Leo Forte play with pup tails in
Leo licks sweart off Alessio
Alessio pisses on Leo's hot ass

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Dominic Pacifico Sounds His Cock @ FetishForce.com

Super hot Dominic Pacifico with sounding rod sticking out of his fat dickDominic Pacifico sounding his dick.
Hard uncut cock with a sounding rod being insterted
Dominic Pacifico sounding his dick.Sounding rod in Dominic Pacifico's uncut tool

This video from FetishForce.com gives us Dominic Pacifico aka “DJ Pornstar.” He prefers to Dom but you don’t have to look too hard to find vids of him bottoming.

To me sounding is more exciting to do than to watch. I love to watch a rod disappear down a rock hard dick. But it’s really all about how it feels. It’s like cumming in slow motion, and jacking off from the inside out. The joy of this video isn’t the sounding it’s watching Dominic do it. He enjoys it so we get to enjoy watching him do it. If you can take your eyes off his delicious 8 inch uncut cock, just watch his face as he plays with himself. The sounds he uses get thicker as the video progresses and it is a true perverse pleasure to watch him fuck the sound.

If you are into sounding or hot guys playing with their own dicks this is a great video to watch. Click on over to FetishForce.com.

Dominic Pacifico inserts sounding rod into his uncut cock
Dominic strokes his dick with a sounding rod
Dominic teases his dick head with a sounding rod

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Hot Jock Bound Under Water @ BoundGods.Com

CJ Mdison sits on Dante's face and makes him eat his ass
CJ Madison floggs Dante's ass till it is red
Dante forced down on CJ's cock
Tied up Dante is tortured by CJ Madison

I love BoundGods.com. They are very creative with their bondage. Does anyone else watch these porns and take notes for later. I remember when getting tied to the bed with shoelaces was mind bogglingly kinky for me. Now if I can get out of it on my own I don’t even consider it bondage.

The Dom here is CJ Madison. I have no idea who the sub is. But in my dark little heart of hearts I think the little bitch doesn’t really need a name anyway. And once he is blindfolded gagged and bent over it’s not going to get used. CJ is hot as hell. He is one mean Dom, verbal and commanding. He is sparsely tattooed which is a shame but I would love to put my tongue on that tramp stamp and work my way south. The sub is pretty cute too. I am always happy to see a sub that hasn’t been shaved. Woof! Man Hair.

The highlight of this video is the water tank. Imagine being bound while the water slowly rises. You are totally at the mercy of your Dominant. You better hope he lets you out before you run out of air. But before the water gets to high if you can reach that dick you better suck it.

To see the whole video complete with predicament bondage, fucking and a delicious cum shot go to BoundGods.com.

Dante eager to suyck CJ's hard cock
Dante's hands tied and underwater
CJ Madison fucking Dante's hole while he is tied upDante underwater, while CJ Madison strokes his hard cock

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