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Hairy Sub Daddy Is Tied And Ball Slapped @ Fetish Force

Anthony holds Derek in a sleeper holdAnthony chokes Derek in a chair
Derek licks the head of Anthony's cock
Anthony feeds his huge cock to DerekDerek da Silva sucking Anthony's dick
Inked Derek with his beefy ass up sucking cockAnthony's huge cock and Derek's beefy ass

Right off the bat I should say FetishForce had me at the leather chaps. After I see a pair of skin tight leather chaps I am pretty much willing to go where ever they lead me. (As a side note I follow that rule in real life too.) It’s just a shame they came off for the fucking.

Derek da Silva is the sub in this clip. I am a huge fan of big burly subs, and the fact that he is taking it from a younger Sir Anthony Drago make my cock drip. The clip starts out with sounding. Derek is taking an impressive gauge right off the bat and Sir Drago is obviously experienced. After the thick gauge Derek is treated/tortured with two smaller sounds. You can tell he is enjoying the ride.

From pleasure we move to pain when Anthony gets to work on Derek’s hairy balls. Anthony beats the crap out of “the boys”. Derek writhes in pain. These aren’t the moans of pleasure from before, he is pleading with his Sir. “Please Sir, Please” but never actually says the word stop.

The whole thing wraps up with some good old fashioned rough fucking. Anthony has Derek on his back legs in the air getting a serious pounding. While getting fucked like a bitch Derek has his hand on his dick going a mile a minute. The clip cuts off after he is told to cum for his Sir but before we get to see a load.

This is hot as hell and these are just two out of an impressive stable of actors all of them hot as hell. Head over to FetishForce.com to check out their model pages or view some great vids.

Anthony ties down Derek's feet with ropeDerek da Silva tied down to a bed
Anthony slaps Derek's ballsDerek da Silva tied twon spread eagle on a bed
Anthony fucking Derek while in a rope slingDerek rides Anthony's huge cock

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Hot Guy Raped At Gunpoint In The Desert @ Fetish Force

Two cowboys abduct a rape victim at gun point
Rape victim abducted at gunpoint in the desertCowboy holds down a rape victim while a tattooed guy fucks him
Tattooed Logan McCree rapes Scott TannerVictim cries out in pain as he gets held down and raped
Muscle guy yells as he gets tied down and raped

Thank you Fetish Force. I love to see porn stars acting. And it’s a western! Who doesn’t love a good western? Guns, boots, wrangler buts, and the occasional violent rough and tumble fucking; all the classic tropes of the genre. Throw in some gun play, and a resistant bottom that needs to be broken in like a mare in heat, and I think we struck gold.

Scott Tanner is the bottom in this scene. I am not sure what he did to get Logan McCree, and Ricky Sinz so riled up but if it were me, I would do it again. Logan and Ricky each get a turn ridding Tanners ass. Whichever one not fucking the poor bastard is holding him down. In the end they all cum, so I think a good time was had by all. If not at least I enjoyed watching it.

This is only a clip. To see the whole scene go to FetishForce.com.

Rape victim gets manhandled by two tattooed rapists
Guy struggles to get free as he's violated by two tattooed rapists
Rape victim has a hardon while he's held down and violatedBeautiful hairy ass gets fucked by a big dick
Ricky Sinz rapes Scott Tanner while Logan McCree holds down the victim
Scott Tanner screams for help while he's getting raped

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Sub Bottom Ashley Rider Submits To Beefy Top @ UKNM

Hot young ass forced open with large toy by older ripped stud
Smooth young ass forced open with a toy
Young jock forced to take a big toy in his young hole
AShley Ryder learning to take a huge toy in his young ass

I actually applied for the dildo testing position at UKNakedMen.com but it looks like Ashley Ryder beat me out for the job. I don’t know why; I gave a very enthusiastic interview. I guess I’m not as talented as Ashley Ryder’s bottomless boy pussy. Although I am sure Korben David could shove those rubber missiles any where he had a mind to. I even applied for the stock boi position. Sure the pay is less than stellar but look at those perks! Who wouldn’t want to feed their hard cock to an eager subbie boy after during a long day at work. I guess Victor had a better résumé.

The worst part, after they finished spit roasting Ashley they put him on the floor and shoot their loads all over him. Damn that could have been me! See the other Jobs I didn’t get at UKNakedMen.com.

Young smooth ass plugged with a toy while hairy jock gets head
Ripped jock playing with young smooth athleteAshley Ryder being fed cum from uncut dick

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Fist ’em Young! @ Bulldog Pit

Two hunks make out rough and play with eachothers erect nipplesHairy guy gets sucked off by a hot smooth twink
Sexy older guy sucks a erect penis and plays with a nice assholeHot man finger fucks his tight assed smooth bottom bitch
Snooth assed twink gets rimmed by an older hunk

I love pups and their new obsessions. And no pup is cuter, or more into sleaze play, than adorable young twink pup, Ashley Ryder. The way this boy’s hole stretches to take Dan Vega’s fat dick in this scene from Bulldog Pit is cock hardening. But when that bottom itch leaves him unsatisfied, watching Vega fist that pink, slightly hairy hole is a load-dropping experience.

To watch someone so young be so twisted makes me wonder what other filthy, pervy things Ryder can get himself into. We’ve already seen that he’s quite capable of handling half a dozen men, at least, with some huge dildo play, as well as taking on Mukhtar, the fattest dick in porn. What’s next for Ryder? Maybe some double penetration? A double-fisted ass punching scene? Jerking off inside Ryder’s hole?

The possibilities, like my fantasies, are endless. To watch this hot,  young pup get fisted by dark-haired, humpy stud Dan Vega, visit BulldogPit.com.

Hairy tan stud pounds his bitch bottoms hole hard and rough

View the full scene on BulldogPit.com

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Muscle Studs Wrestle For Dominance @ NakedKombat.com

muscle hunks for the match to begin
the wrestling beginssmack dwn
oiled up greek godsin your face

When Fabrizio Mangiatti and International Wrestling Championship winner Rick Bauer are plucked off the street and blindfolded, they have no idea they are about to face each other in a winner-take-all wrestling match at NakedKombat.com. The two worthy opponents apparently like being paired together. Even before the singlets come off, leaving the muscle bound hunks only their jock straps, their cocks are bulging.

As the two beefy studs lick arms in combat, it’s a control game to see who will weaken first and give up his hole to the winner. Even the referee gets in on it as sweaty cock and balls are ground into the opponents face. Bauer is held by the ref so Mangiatti can suck his cock, but then the ref holds Bauer while Mangiatti plugs his opponent’s hole.

For other great wresting scenes filled with hot fucking and sexy opponents, come to NakedKombat.com.

in your face close upgetting closer to winning
tag teamed twicetag teamed
the loser sucks cock

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