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Horny Asian Devils Drink Piss And Suck Feet @ Gay Asian Piss

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Thank you GayAsianPiss.com. I love getting multiple fetishes in one film. This one has two of my favorites (water sports, and underwear.) and one that doesn’t do it for me but to be fair I once said the same about the other two. And I would be lost without my collection of DC under roos. (Batman with the bright yellow piping being my favorite.) I am blasé about Asians as a fetish, but I have to admit these two boys are cute.

But enough about me and my fetishistic need for attention. You want to read about these two twinky Asian piss boys. Jed (the one in pastel stripes) has a major thing for feet. He starts the clip massaging Albert’s (in black) back side, but quickly moves his attention to Albert’s sizable feet. This is my first real encounter with foot fucking. But it looks like fun. Jed obviously enjoys it and Albert looks to be an old pro. Even when Jed moved on to suck his toes Albert keeps one dexterous foot on Jed’s cock jacking away. Our next two scene transitions have the boys trading blowjobs still in their undies, but the piss comes out in the second clip.

The clip opens with Jed pissing on Albert’s black clad ass. His underwear is soaked and the urine is pooling up on the small of his back. If you are in to piss and twinks this is going to send you over the edge. But wait there is more. Albert rolls over and gets a face full of Jed’s hot piss. He opens up and gets a mouth full. They trade piss for a while until the underwear comes off and Jed buried his dick in Albert’s tight little piss covered ass. You can tell he is tight because he looks in pain from the fuck, he doesn’t say stop though. That’s a good boy.

These two are not the only Asian piss sluts, to see plenty more head over to GayAsianPiss.com.

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