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Fisting Daddy & His Boy @ Hot Older Male

Daddy and Boy enjoy a rough moment on the bed
Super thick Kegan Daniels gets his cock worshiped by furry leather Daddy Karl WilliamsKegan shows off his amazing cock sucking skills for Karl
Karl chows down on sweaty boy ballsLeather Daddy Karl chows down on the boy's ass
Karl eats furry red ass
Kegan Danials anticipates Daddy's cock invading his ass

Here’s a hot, believable Daddy/Son duo I can really sink my teeth into! At least, maybe that’s just me and my pervy mind taking me down the usual road to perdition with my dad/son fantasies taking over and driving me crazy. In this scene from Hot Older Male, Kegan Abandon is the sexy red-head with back hair and pliant hole while Karl Williams is the salt & pepper, bearded Daddy who works his fist up the Boy’s hole and plays him like a puppet.

The thing I really like about Hot Older Male is that they were probably one of the first studios I noticed that didn’t make older guys look like disgusting pervs or a lech. They focused, instead, on the richness of sexual experiences older men have to offer. Makes me hopeful that I can grow old gracefully and still have a sex drive, let alone find some hot son who wants to chow down on my cock, get plowed and take my fist up his ass. And judging by the way these two look together, I’d say Karl has a bit more experience than Kegan can handle! If you wanna check out some of that manhandling on your own, visit Karl and Kegan at HotOlderMale.com.

Daddy Karl opens boy Kegan's furry ass
Leather Daddy fists boy holeKegan trys on Karls FFist for size
Daddy plays with boy ass

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Blindfolded Bottom Gets Fucked By Anon Top @ ButchDixon.com

Hot beefy pig blindfolded, waiting for his topBeefy blindfolded an with a hardon
Blindfolded muscle guy and his top's rock hard uncut cockHot pierced blindfolded pig sucking a big huge dick
Blindfolded man sucking a big thick dickBlindfolded guy sucks guy in jockstrap

A greedy, blindfolded sex pig awaits anonymous cock on ButchDixon.com.

Kneeling on the gritty floor of an empty, dimly-lit warehouse, this beefy little cock pig has his throat working in anticipation of the cock that’s coming. His mouth is watering and his juices are flowing by the time a humpy top stud wearing a leather harness and black, sweaty jock strap approaches. But the cocksucker doesn’t care what the man looks like. He’s hungry for cock and he doesn’t care who’s in front of him.

The rough-looking top fucker steps up to the hungry cockpig and pulls out a thick, uncut, cock. He shoves his thick, meaty, uncut boner into the pig.

The pig begins to feed in earnest once he realizes how big the cock is. He relishes in getting his throat stretched, his jaw widened, and the flavor of the uncut, unknown cock. Like taking a hit of poppers, the pig lets himself go as the humpy top works his hole.

When the pig is ready, the top stud pulls his cock out of his mouth. The pig is disappointed but when he feels the head of that juicy, uncut piece of meat probing his hole, he grows delirious with lust and the fact that he still doesn’t know who’s fucking him!

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Leatherman fucks blindfolded bottomMasculine leather top with his blindfolded bottom on all fours

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Hot Stud Sticks A Rod Up His Dick @ AlphaMaleJerkoffs.com

Sexy stud strokes his thick cock and rubs his absInked and pierced dude pushes a sound down his dick
Furry hunk sounds his semi hard cock
Leather stud shoves a sound down his thick cock

The guys on AlphaMaleJerkoffs.com are definitely hot and masculine and all, but only a few really cross the threshold and earn the label “hardcore pig”. Aitor Crash is definitely one of the ones who does. This nasty fucker likes sounding his dick. For those of you who are new to sounding it means you stick a (sterilized) metal rod up your dick sometimes as far as your bladder. If you haven’t done it (I’ve only done it a few times), you’d be surprised how sensitive your urethra is (the inside of your dick). I mean it fucking hurts getting up there – at least the first few times.

Aitor’s not just a twisted pig, he’s damn cute… I mean look at that grin in the pic below… He’s piggy and loving every minute of it! Which is the whole point of it all, right? Somehow I think sex with him would be incredibly intense – he’d take you to places you never imagined and have you do things to him you don’t often get to do to other guys… In other words, good piggy fun!

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Hot toned guy plays with his rock hard cockHot furry guy jacks off his hard dick

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