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Piss Pigs Get Into Some Wet Fucking & Sucking @ Fetish Force


Kennedy Carter licking the head of Race Cooper's cock
Kennedy licks Race's balls while he pisses
Kennedy licks Race's hot ass
Kennedy Carter lets out a hot stream of piss on Race Cooper

Drought is a serious issue, it affects a lot of people, but luckily, some can see the good things about a hard situation, like these guys realizing that they can make their own rain and play outside under it! This hot interracial couple brought to you by FetishForce.com will show you how fun can be a (golden) rainy day.

Kennedy Carter is a beautiful redhead, inked and well defined, he meets Race Cooper, a drop-dead-gorgeous black stud, massive, bald and bearded. They trade blowjobs and piss on each other, Kennedy  licks Race’s ass before peeing on him, on the back, where a small puddle forms. Race just loves piss, you can see that, as he pisses on himself twice on this scene, getting his washboard abs wet and glistening with hot urine. Kennedy turns around and offers his hot ass for Race to ram his cok deep inside and pee on it also, but before that, Race also gets a rough pounding from the ginger stud with the huge cock. This is a scene that will get you wet in more ways than one.

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Race slurps on Kennedy's fat dick
Race Cooper buries his cock in Kennedy Carter's hole
Race drinks a load of his own piss
Kennedy Carter sits on Race Cooper's fat cock

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Black Stallion Fists Gasmasked Pig @ Fisting Central

Gas Masked pig on a ladder ready to get his ass fist fucked
Veefy Amerifist works a few fingers into a smooth ass
Amerifist works in hand into a smooth hole

I’m not sure what sort of plot this video from Fisting Central has that there’s 1) a guy in a jockstrap and a gas mask, 2) a guy in leather, and 3) a ladder all in a fully-furnished room, but hey… porn isn’t really about the plot, right?

Even with the weird plot, the video is hot. For starters the bottom (“Fist Rider”) is so pale, and the top (“Amerifist” – with a plot like this one, did you expect better names?) is so dark the interracial aspect is really heightened – it’s sorta hot. It’s like the devil fisting Casper the Ghost – though Amerifist looks a lot nicer than the Devil 🙂

I love how easily Fist Rider’s hole opens up, and how much of Amerifist’s arm can go up Fist Rider’s ass. In that one pic Fist Rider practically has a rosebud – he just needs to push it out. VERY hot indeed!

If you wanna see some really hot, hardcore fisting – head over to FistingCentral.com and check them out. You’ll be glad you did.

Smooth jocked ass with a big fist in itTight ass starts to make a rosebud
Red rosebud of a well fisted ass

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Pervy Raunchy Sex – Dick Wadd @ BarebackBox.com

Group of hot naked construction workers fucking
Huge greased up toy invades tight ass
Jessie Balboa getting his ass punch fucked
Freakzilla works his bare fist into Jessie's ass
Jessie Bloboa's bare hand in Boyhous's hairy ass

I give BarebackBox.com props for authenticity. I have been on construction sites and remodels. They look very similar to the area this was shot in, without the naked men, piss pigs and the massive dildos which I think is a shame. Nothing really says “home” like a piss thirsty slut ridding an obscenely large dildo. I think every home should have one. Two if it’s a large home. After all I hate it when I want to use the Piss-boy and it is already in use. These guys don’t seem to mind it though; they take turns and even share.

What really gets me hard about this video is that there is just so much. The ass toys are huge. So are the guys, and the streams of piss. It’s all fists and grease and sweat and fucking. This is the type of raunchy dirty sex that the pig moniker was coined for. Being the impressionable little fuck that I am it makes me want to go find 5 guys of my own for a piss and cum session of my own.

There are a fuck load of videos on BarebackBox.com to watch. Including the first Hard Hat Pigs. This is the sequel. Don’t worry if you missed the first one the riveting and highly nuanced plots of these two films are unrelated.

5 guys unload their warm piss on a willing pig
Furry cub drinking piss running off a table

Bearded Piss Pig

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