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Latino Gets DEEP Inside White Leatherman @ HDK Fisting

Tony and Redright kissing
Leather boys Tony Ryder and RedrightTony Rider greases up his hand to fist fuck ass
Tony works his bare fist into Redrights hole

HDKFisting.com understands that there is something about a sling a bucket of lube and red leather that gets my cock dripping. I love flagging; it tells leather men what you’re all about. It’s a bold red stripe or strap that says to everyone in the room “This hole is hungry, and wants to be filled.”

Redright is a hot sub daddy who gets even hotter as Tony Ryder works his way deeper and deeper in to his obviously experienced ass. You have to admire a bottom who can take an arm up to the bicep, and a top that can get him there. One again it’s the dialogue that really does it for me. It doesn’t distract from the scene and it adds the right amount of sleaze without seeming fake. Redright groans and his head rolls as Tony hits that spot deep inside Redrights chute.

I love the part where Tony “works the elbow.” Most fisting films I have seen stop at the wrist, or just past. But HDKFisting.com has a good number of scenes that dive to impressive depths.

Tony Elbow deep in Redrights loose ass
Tony working his arm in deeper
Tony Ryder deep into Redrights hole

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Beefy Bald Daddy Fists A Hot Jock @ Club Inferno Dungeon

Jackson Lawless on his knees worshiping Hogan Wade's huge dickHogan admires Jacksons smooth tight hole
Jackson Lawless on his knees worshiping Hogans hard cock
Hogan tongues Jacksons smooth round ass
Hogan works his gigantic fist into Jacksons tight assJackson Lawless gasps at the huge toy

I really don’t get why the gym is such a hot place for play. I asked a gym going friend of mine and he claims it’s the endorphin rush after a hard work out which make you horny. You muscles are all pumped. You are covered in sweat and buzzing from the exertion so although you’re exhausted you’re also energized. Plus who doesn’t love a little public action where you could get caught. Alright Club Inferno Dungeon I’m sold. Gym fucks are hot.

Jackson Lawless is the smooth boy getting his hole violated and Hogan Wade is the beefy bald daddy doing the violating. The scene starts with Jackson getting on his knees and choking on Hogan’s dick. Deep throating a monster like that takes practice. Before giving Jackson’s ass a workout Hogan warms him up with his tongue. Next comes the dick Jackson was having so much trouble with before. As any gym regular knows, when you go to the gym to you use the equipment. I think that dildo may be the best piece of equipment in the gym. It’s huge. If Jackson doesn’t feel the burn from that sucker he sure does when Hogan switches to his fist. It looks like Jackson has a little trouble with that too.

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Hogan Wade works a giant toy into Jacksons ass
Jasckon holds his legs so Hogan can work a huge toy into his ass
Jackson on his back getting fucked deep by Hogan
Jackson shoots his load while riding Hogan's fist

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Butch Grand & Aitor Crash Swap Fist Fucks @ AlphaMaleFuckers.com

Furry bear ass ready to take fist
Butch's haiy hole open after being fist fuckedFurry bear hole takes a bare fist in its hole
Butch gives fist back to Aitor's tight hole
Butch's bare fist ready to invade Aitor's hole
Hot furry hole opened up by a fist

I get charged when I chat with bottoms into anal play… mainly the ones who get fisted or wanna try it… I sometimes slip and call them a cunt. Been slapped down by a few. I get an indignant: I’m a man! Hell, I know that! But there’s something hot when you talk dirty about another guy’s mancunt. I think Butch Grand and Aitor Crash, in this scene Alpha Male Fuckers would agree.

Example. There was this butch, hairy fucker from Texas who invited me to a sex party. When I got there, he was in a sling with a bald guy’s forearm half gone. The host saw me and pushed the arm out of his ass. He wanted my fist. I started punch fucking his sloppy hole like I was reaching in for cattle. Then he had me stop and shove my cock inside him. The bald guy crawled between my legs, shoved his fist inside the host and grabbed my cock.

“Now jerk his cock off inside my cunt!” It was all the host said. Three pumps later and I sprayed my load inside the man’s cunt. Yeah. Some guys like it like that. Shoulda seen him when I called it his pussy!

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Aitor ready to fuck Butch's furry hole bareback
Daddy bear Butch fucks Aitors tight hole

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