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Feet, Fist, Piss and Leather Feast @ JalifStudio.com

David Novak licks Matthieu's sweaty feet
Manuel and David have their way with Macanao Torres in the leather shop
David gets up close on Mattheiu's sweaty nuts

What’s better than getting to fist a guy? Answer: Getting to fist two guys simultaneously! In this super hot orgy scene from Jalif Studio you’ve got all sorts of hot guys. Matthieu Paris is one of the more recognizable (since he’s got ‘Paris’ tattooed on his leg), but I wouldn’t kick any of them out of my bed 😉

So the basic “plot” is that fisting bottoms David Novak and Matthieu Paris take on three tops – Kid Chocolate (the black guy), Macanao Torres (the foot fetish guy in the first pic), and Manuel Roko (the lucky top who fists two holes at the same time).

Honestly, if I had to spend a night having sex with just one of them my choice would be Manuel Roko. He’s got this incredibly hot body, and a great dick, and he just looks like a great pig – an pigs are always fun in bed. The only problem is he might want to fist me, and I can barely take an average sized dick up my hole – but I’m sure we’d figure out something to do… 🙂

If you agree that this is one incredibly hot scene, check out the full version over at JalifStudio.com – they have this and other hot videos over there – it’ll totally get you off if you like hardcore fetish…

David and Macanao's sloppy fisted holes
David Novak and Matthieu Paris gettng fist fucked in the leather shopMcananao Torres fists Matthieu and David's hot asses
Manuel and David get a taste of Mattheiu's sweaty feet and balls
David works two fists into Mattheiu's hungry holeManuel Roko works his fist into David's hot ass
Matthieu Paris soaks David Novak's fisted ass with pissMacanao Torres gets his hands in Matthieu and David's hungry holes

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Horny Asian Devils Drink Piss And Suck Feet @ Gay Asian Piss

Smooth twink gets his young ass pissed on
Smooth twinks piss on each other
Young Asian twink drinking pissAsian twink sucking soft hot feet

Thank you GayAsianPiss.com. I love getting multiple fetishes in one film. This one has two of my favorites (water sports, and underwear.) and one that doesn’t do it for me but to be fair I once said the same about the other two. And I would be lost without my collection of DC under roos. (Batman with the bright yellow piping being my favorite.) I am blasé about Asians as a fetish, but I have to admit these two boys are cute.

But enough about me and my fetishistic need for attention. You want to read about these two twinky Asian piss boys. Jed (the one in pastel stripes) has a major thing for feet. He starts the clip massaging Albert’s (in black) back side, but quickly moves his attention to Albert’s sizable feet. This is my first real encounter with foot fucking. But it looks like fun. Jed obviously enjoys it and Albert looks to be an old pro. Even when Jed moved on to suck his toes Albert keeps one dexterous foot on Jed’s cock jacking away. Our next two scene transitions have the boys trading blowjobs still in their undies, but the piss comes out in the second clip.

The clip opens with Jed pissing on Albert’s black clad ass. His underwear is soaked and the urine is pooling up on the small of his back. If you are in to piss and twinks this is going to send you over the edge. But wait there is more. Albert rolls over and gets a face full of Jed’s hot piss. He opens up and gets a mouth full. They trade piss for a while until the underwear comes off and Jed buried his dick in Albert’s tight little piss covered ass. You can tell he is tight because he looks in pain from the fuck, he doesn’t say stop though. That’s a good boy.

These two are not the only Asian piss sluts, to see plenty more head over to GayAsianPiss.com.

Skinny Asian twink licking feet
Twink forces his raw cock into young Asian hole
raw cock fucking tight young Asian hole

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Kinky Asian Teens Explore Holes And Feet @ Asia Boy Video

Shirtless twinks lick and play on the bed
Sweet Asian boy loves to suck feet
Smooth twink ass stuffed with balls

The first clip from AsiaBoyVideo.comstarts out with some toy balls popping out of some twink ass. They quickly turn to two smooth skinny guys fucking like bunnies. They take turns, which totally I get. Avid bottom that I am, I do still like to put my dick to work on occasion. Same with these bois. The bottom keeps his twig and berries pulled up and out of the way so you can get a good view of his pretty boi ass getting hammered. The cum shot is a tad lack luster but the bottom who got cummed on immediately scoops a little up and it goes off camera. In my mind I see him slurping it on up.

The second clip features the same enthusiastic pair. The mohawked bottom has his legs in the air and is getting pounded while the top kisses him. I imagine our boys wanted to add a little spice to their sexcapades because they break out the dildo next. The bottom boi seems to enjoy it even if he can’t handle the whole thing. Well he needs training, I don’t think he will have a hard time finding someone to help and when the ass toy gets pulled out he has some nice gape.

Check out this eye popping and candy colored website. AsiaBoyVideo.com When you enter the site there is a collection of hot preview vids. Right now the first video is a threesome with a hot black guy and still no condoms.

Smooth twink hole stuffed with a golf ball
Twink shoving a dildo up his pal's ass
Raw dick about to fuck smooth twink hole
Young smopoth ass dripping with cum

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Hot Young Top Gets Serviced By His Puppy @ BoundGods.com

Luke Riley bound and plugged crawls to James Hamilton
James makes his slave Luke suck his cock while bound and plugged
Luke on his hands and knees worshiping James fat cock
Luke slobbers on James fat hard cock
Luke bound ass up so James can tongue his sweet hole
Luke forced down by James bare feet
James Hamilton makes his slave Luke Riley suck and lick his feet

Today BoundGods.com shows us that “ouch” doesn’t mean “stop.”

It’s hard to find a good puppy play scene. James Hamilton (Master), and Luke Riley (Bondage Boy) do a decent job with the admittedly niche fetish. The clip features a hobbled Luke giving James a no hands on all fours blow job with a pig tail butt plug jutting out of a well spanked ass.

This scene is full of impact play, bondage, and domination, with a little humiliation thrown in. Fans of rope bondage may want to take notes as there is some nice rope work on display. It’s not quite shibari but I think it has a nice aesthetic. Though that my appreciation of the aesthetic could be influenced by watching Luke’s already tender ass get caned and roughly fucked. The best part of this scene for me was watching Luke flinch while staying rock hard.

Now take your ass over to BoundGods.com. Don’t make me get my crop.

Luke Riley bound and blindfolded being abused by James Hmilton
James Hamilton punishes his slave Luke Riley's bubble butt
Luke Riley tied up and fucked by James Hamilton
Luke Riley bound and fucked deep by James Hamilton
Luke Riley bound getting his ass plowed deep

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