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Dock Your Cocks With A Rod @ FetishForce.com

Two fat dicks share a sounding rod
Derek Hanson with a sound in his cock
Derek forces a metal toy into Tony's hole

In this scene we have Derrick Hanson and Tony Bishop. The scene is a few year old and if you look up Derricks more resent pictures he has beefed up significantly and added a large tribal tattoo on his right arm. He still has his thumb ring and choker though. Tony still looks a twinkish. And I can’t get over how hot his dick tattoo is. Pardon me a few hours while I go google that.

Ok Back. The video clip is hot as always. FetishForce.com tried to insert a ghost of a story. An almost completely clothed Derrick watches similarly clothed Tony shove his cock full of hard metal and is heard to say “Does it hurt?” as if this is new territory for him. But he strips to nothing (nice view) and shoves an even thicker sound down his piss hole. That is not a newbies sound. They then do something I myself have not yet had the opportunity to try. They fuck their cocks on a double sound. Its impressively hot and a great way to see which is bigger.

The scene ends with Tony getting his ass vigorously ploughed by Derrick. We don’t get to see the metal probe in action though. The still pics are such a tease. If you want to see it tease then violate Tonys’ very willing ass you have to scoot on over to FetishForce.com and watch the whole video.

Derek plays with Tony's ass with a metal toyDerek Hanson fucking Tony Bishop
Tony spreads his furry cheeks
Derek Hanson nails Tony Bishop on a tableTony Bishop getting his ass played with by Derek Hanson

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Dominic Pacifico Sounds His Cock @ FetishForce.com

Super hot Dominic Pacifico with sounding rod sticking out of his fat dickDominic Pacifico sounding his dick.
Hard uncut cock with a sounding rod being insterted
Dominic Pacifico sounding his dick.Sounding rod in Dominic Pacifico's uncut tool

This video from FetishForce.com gives us Dominic Pacifico aka “DJ Pornstar.” He prefers to Dom but you don’t have to look too hard to find vids of him bottoming.

To me sounding is more exciting to do than to watch. I love to watch a rod disappear down a rock hard dick. But it’s really all about how it feels. It’s like cumming in slow motion, and jacking off from the inside out. The joy of this video isn’t the sounding it’s watching Dominic do it. He enjoys it so we get to enjoy watching him do it. If you can take your eyes off his delicious 8 inch uncut cock, just watch his face as he plays with himself. The sounds he uses get thicker as the video progresses and it is a true perverse pleasure to watch him fuck the sound.

If you are into sounding or hot guys playing with their own dicks this is a great video to watch. Click on over to FetishForce.com.

Dominic Pacifico inserts sounding rod into his uncut cock
Dominic strokes his dick with a sounding rod
Dominic teases his dick head with a sounding rod

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Two Daddies, One Boy, Everyone Submits! @ FetishForce.com

Lance makes Steve taste the leather of the flogger
Lance Gear floggs Steve Parker
Steve bites the handle of Lance's flogger

FetishForce.com is a great site. It’s splash page alone is enough to get your motor running. Leather and piss and jocks, oh my.

In the white jock we have Steve Parker. According to his web site he is a hairy muscle daddy who can take it bare and dish it out just well. It looks like he starts out on the receiving end of Lance Gear’s flogger. But eventually gets a little of his own back by royally fucking Gear’s ass.

Lance Gear starts things as a rough top putting Steve and Brendan Austen in their place. But as mean and dominating as he can be, he is still a piggy bottom at heart. He enjoys a good fisting and the occasional recycled beer.

The last member of our horny trifecta is Brendan Austen, also a versatile fucker he seems a little clean cut to be rutting with these two but he does a great job pleasing his daddies.

That boy’s gets a lot of attention, but there is more fucking and sucking that you are missing out on FetishForce.com has the whole video. Check it out.

Lance teases jockstraped Steve Lance Gear floggs jocked Steve Parker
hairry Daddy Steve Parker fucking muscle boy Branden Austen
Steve plays with Branden's hole with a big toyBrenden watched Steve fuck Lance

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Interracial Leather Orgy @ FetishForce.com

Chris Ward plays with Simon Cox's piercingSimon plays with Chris's bound dick
Chris plays with two guys while weights hand from his cockSimon ready to get flogged by inked Chris Ward
Chris floggs Simon while another guy gets his ass plwed with on a fuck bench

The main reason I am a fan of FetishForce.com and its array of videos is that they really deliver on the fetish. They don’t dress up in leather for the first five minutes of a video and then strip down for some vanilla fucking. They go balls to the wall kinky. Sometimes literally.

The video starts out with Chris Ward flogging a gorgeous Simon Cox. He isn’t delivering light swats he is punishing Simons chest and abs with a fervor that would have me crying my safe word, or just crying. I love that Simon has a cod piece on in this scene. It’s a tease like gift wrap. You know there is something delicious under there and while you can’t wait to get your hands on it the anticipation is half the fun. Also it’s a bit like Schrodinger’s cat. While it tucked away in its leather case it could be any dick you want; big, small, pierced, cut, uncut, tattooed, whatever your pervy little penis preference is.

After a brief scene with Chris abusing Simons nipples, we get to see Simons ass. Which is just as nice as his chest. We also get a glimpse of his Guiche Piercing. I know it’s a different strokes for different folks kind of thing with genital piercings. But I like them. To me they show a highly sexualized individual. WOOF.

After Simons gets his ass worked over with the flogger. We get to see my favorite use of a cast iron cauldron. It’s attached to Wards ball parachute and being filled with Simons piss. From the tap. This is the first time we get a clear view of his dick, and not only does he piss like a race horse he is hung like one too.

This is Simons’ first video. And I hope it isn’t his last, but he isn’t the only hot kinky piece of man flesh in the full video. This clip doesn’t show you depraved horny antics of Logan Grey, Matt McGrath, Justin Southall, Harley Mancuso, or Scott Samson (seen in the back ground). You have to go to FetishForce.com to see that.

Hooded dom wail's on a subs hot assHot young guy in a gas mask
muscular leather pig is abused

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Hairy Daddy Submits To Catheters, WS And Fucking @FetishForce.com

jake helping ty show off his catheterjake deckard spits on ty hudson
jake and ty play with piss
ty shooting a stream of piss and cum in his own face

The really hot part about this scene from FetishForce.com for me is the giving up of control. Getting your piss slit filled and stretched feels great, having that catheter snake its way through your cock; deep in to you is an incredible feeling. And having an uncontrollable fountain of piss spill out of you and you can’t stop it is a wicked mind fuck on top of it.

Ty Hudson is the hairy buck on the receiving end in this video. And Jake Deckard is the burly man dishing it out. The video starts with a simple flexible rubber sound as it slides in to Tys cock. It’s not as straight forward as using a metal sound. Ty has to wrestle the fucker in. Ty is not a quiet man; he is very vocal and obviously enjoys having his dick stuffed.

After the rubber sound comes the catheter, and as I said before this is my favorite part. Once fully cathetered Ty takes Jake’s dick for a ride. He bounces on that stiff rod while the catheter weighs down his dick. We don’t get to see the various other positions Ty gets fucked. Jake gets him in to a few worth checking out. Head over to
FetishForce.com to get a look.

jake deckard fucking ty hudson
jake filling ty's hole with pissjake shakes the piss out of ty

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