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Kinky Older Pig Drinks Piss @ Hot Barebacking

Jayson Park hosed down with piss
Miguel lets a stream of piss go on Jayson
Jayson Park sucking cock and getting fucked

 HotBarebacking.com is the site that does barebacking RIGHT! They have fresh new videos all the time and treat their members to condomless boys and men, known actors and amateurs.

The good thing is that’s not only about barebacking, but about some other piggy things, like watersports, toys and fisting. On this scene we have porn veterans Jayson Park & Patrick Ives, along the young Miguel Temón. Patrick is a a hot daddy, bald and beefy, Miguel is a young, athletic Latino, with a nice coat of fur and hard, big cock ready to plow Jayson’s hungry innards. They are not mean men, they take care of each other, and when Jayson said he was thirsty, they decided to quench his thirst with some hot, strong piss ready from the tap. Jayson, being the good piggy he is, swallows quite a bit of bit, before engaging in a 69 with Patrick and getting fucked by both studs.

You can’t go wrong heading over to HotBarebacking.com. Join now, and there won’t be a time you ever log off, because you will be too occupied getting off.

Jayson Park drinking piss
Miguel plowing Jayson while he kisses Patric
Jayson Parks well fucked and loaded hole

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Beefy Daddy And Inked Stud Swap Piss @ Fetish Force

Alessio with Josh's fat dick in his mouth
Alessio Romero on his knees sucking Josh West's hard cockJosh spreads open Alessio's furry bubble butt
Josh devours Alessio'shairy bubble assAlession feeds Josh a hot strem of piss

FetishForce.com brings us these two burly thirsty fellows take turns drinking hot piss straight from the tap. The sexy tattooed piss pig in the red shirt is Alessio Romero, his equally wet and raunchy counterpart in the white shirt and big dick is Josh West.

There isn’t much I can say about this clip. It does a great job representing the full video. Two rough looking muscle bears with full bladders meet in a bar and immediately put aside their beer for something tastier. They are not carful to get every last drop down their throats. Instead they revel in drenching themselves and each other in piss and spit.

Watersports aside the highlight for me was seeing Josh slurp his beer from between Romero’s gorgeous ass cheeks. That is an ass that was made to be fucked, and he presents it for fucking throughout the video, but it isn’t until the end of the scene that it finally gets plugged.

FetishForce.com has plenty more piss vids and more kinky depraved fuckery that you have got to see. Check it out.

Hairy muscle cub Josh West drinking pissAlessio Romero drinking a hot load of piss
Ikned stud Alessio Romero drinking pissJosh laps at Alessio's warm piss stream

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Jayden Taylor Drinks 2 Loads Of Piss @ Boys-Pissing.com

Twink Jayden opens his mouth wide for boy piss
Raven-haired twink guzzling hot piss
Twink kid Jayden loves drinking fresh pissCute boy Jayden opens mouth wide for piss dribbling down his chin

I’m sure twinky Jayden is legal but he definitely fits the “barely legal” label. This skinny little twink with the big angelic-looking eyes appears to be every bit the altar boy, but the only holy water Jayden Taylor gets into is the hot yellow kind that comes out of a dick. Lucky for us, he’s one of hot boyish models at Boys-Pissing.com.

Lucky for him, young dudes Mike Roberts and Ryan Conners are on hand to empty their bladders and feed the thirsty piss slut their loads. But even two piss streams aren’t enough for this whore… he’s got to feel his own hot piss on his face and body too. After he sucks both their cocks, he can’t wait to feel them in his ass so the pair take turns plowing his tight twink hole.

This kid’s such a horny, hungry whore and already so kinky, we can’t wait to see where’s he headed. Check him out here…

God knows where Boys Pissing get such young and raunchy twinks, but I’m just glad they find ’em, ’cause it’s fuckin’ hot watching these young guys have dirty sex…

Skinny piss slut Jayden pees on himself and drinks fresh boy piss in the tubSkinny boy Jayden pisses on himself in the tub with two other boys around
Hot top kid with goatee plows little twink Jayden's tight ass as other cute boy jacks off nearbyHot young goateed top fucks little twink Jayden doggy style against the wall

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BB Cumdump Drinks Piss From The Tap @ BarebackThatHole.com

Rich Wrangler on all fours sucking Carson Matthews' hard dick
Daddy Rich Wrangler opens wide to drink piss from the tap
Bald daddy drinking piss
Bald daddy pig Rich Wrangler sucking a beefy dude's cock
Guy with shaved pubes fucking his buddy bareback

If you’ve seen Rich Wrangler in action before you know he’s a pig. The guy just loves to be fucked. He’ll take any cock and any load (literally). I was pleasantly surprised to see that in his latest scene on BarebackThatHole.com he demonstrates that he’s also a total piss pig as well. Not the kind who likes a golden shower, but the type that likes to drink it right from the tap.

That’s pretty much how I see bottoms anyway – the mouth is for taking loads of piss, the ass for taking loads of cum. [Yeah, I know you can piss up a guy’s ass, but the one time I did that with a boyfriend it was like a bad enema and made him useless for fucking until he cleaned out – sorta killed the mood.]

Hopefully they’ll continue to do more piss scenes on Bareback That Hole – the guys are definitely piggy and it’s sorta the next step for them…

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Cute Blond Piss Pig @ Boys-Pissing.com

Redheaded lad in pee-soaked shortsCute shirtless boy with tattoo in Asian characters has wet himself
Cute carrot-topped boy with slim body in tight white briefsThin boy pissing all over himself
Cute redheaded slut likes the feel of his hot piss all over his chestCute redhead plays with his hard dick and a big dildo in his ass

Not sure where Boys-Pissing.com gets their guys, but I want to move there! It’s like the place breeds kinky guys. Most twinks are so inhibited, but these guys drink piss like it’s their mother’s milk… Truly twisted, in a very very good way… I mean who could complain about a twink who sees himself as a urinal.

That’s definitely the case in this scene with Jacob – a lean, defined, sorta muscley blond twink who’s wants something up his butt and piss in his mouth. Seeing these pics makes me want to piss all over him, get him smelling really rank, and then fuck him outdoors, face down in the dirt… Maybe a barnyard so he smells of piss and cow manure when it’s all done. And the cum leaking out of his ass would add yet another wonderful smell to the mix.

Whatever Jacob went through to turn him into a young pig I think we should have as mandatory training for all young gay twinks… Let’s get masses of kinky twinks. In the meantime Boys-Pissing.com is the closest thing to that fantasy… Check it out!

Skinny redhead drinks his own piss
Cute scruffy lad pissing in his mouth and drinking it
Cute redheaded boy pissing in his mouthRelaxed young man makes himself wet with his own piss
Cute skinny redhead all wet and grabbing his dick

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