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Dock Your Cocks With A Rod @ FetishForce.com

Two fat dicks share a sounding rod
Derek Hanson with a sound in his cock
Derek forces a metal toy into Tony's hole

In this scene we have Derrick Hanson and Tony Bishop. The scene is a few year old and if you look up Derricks more resent pictures he has beefed up significantly and added a large tribal tattoo on his right arm. He still has his thumb ring and choker though. Tony still looks a twinkish. And I can’t get over how hot his dick tattoo is. Pardon me a few hours while I go google that.

Ok Back. The video clip is hot as always. FetishForce.com tried to insert a ghost of a story. An almost completely clothed Derrick watches similarly clothed Tony shove his cock full of hard metal and is heard to say “Does it hurt?” as if this is new territory for him. But he strips to nothing (nice view) and shoves an even thicker sound down his piss hole. That is not a newbies sound. They then do something I myself have not yet had the opportunity to try. They fuck their cocks on a double sound. Its impressively hot and a great way to see which is bigger.

The scene ends with Tony getting his ass vigorously ploughed by Derrick. We don’t get to see the metal probe in action though. The still pics are such a tease. If you want to see it tease then violate Tonys’ very willing ass you have to scoot on over to FetishForce.com and watch the whole video.

Derek plays with Tony's ass with a metal toyDerek Hanson fucking Tony Bishop
Tony spreads his furry cheeks
Derek Hanson nails Tony Bishop on a tableTony Bishop getting his ass played with by Derek Hanson

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