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Filling Fuckholes With Anything That’ll Fit @ HDKFisting.com

Inked top getting his nipples played withnNpple sucking action before the fisting
Sucking on a pumped dick
Loading up a raw hole with lube for a fisting session

Honestly, back in the day I wasn’t that interested in fisting. Don’t get me wrong I loved to get my ass filled will all manner of objects (and dick) but fisting never caught my eye. HDKFisting.com put fisting right in my field of vision and I never looked back.

After watching this clip I find myself at a loss for words. This video features three versatile fisting pigs Tony Ryder, Red Light and Kiwi seeing what they can fit in their hungry holes and how deep they can get it. Tony is the first piggy to get it. He throws his boots in the air and takes Red Light’s fist in a sling. I gotta say I love those fister-red socks peeking out the top of his boots. Kiwi opens up and takes both fists to the elbow. (In more red socks.) He isn’t satisfied with being stretched he wants those fists in deep. He heaves himself upright and sits on those fists.

My favorite part of the clip happens about 48 seconds in when Kiwi is on his knees, Tony is in to the elbow, and you can see Red *pop* right in. WOOF. The climax of the clip has Tony working his way up both Reds’ and Kiwis’ chutes. He is going to see which hole he can get shoulder deep into first. I won’t spoil the surprise.

You know what? Screw poker nights; I say we need to get a few gifted bottoms a skilled fisting top and start placing bets.

We don’t even get to see the greasing of the holes with the turkey baster or watch them work the baseball bat up Tonys’ fuck hole. It’s worth the trip over to HDKFisting.com to check it out.

Fisting a tight hole in a sling
Lube drenched softball bat fills a sloppy hole
Taking two hands for the ultimate stretch

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Beefy Tattooed Daddy Takes A Fist @ HDK Fisting

Bill Marlow and Dax Reed ready to get nastyDax Reed ready to worship hard Daddy dick
Har raw dick pounds hair hole
Hard raw dick ready to fuck tight hole
Hairy hole forced open by huge toy

First let me say I love the shiny rubber jock. Leather is the standard for kinky play, but first in my raunchy heart is rubber. It seems dirtier, more industrial. Seeing it on this beefy tattooed daddy really does it for me. I could see this rubber fucker taking a hard raw dick in a back alley somewhere. In my mind nothing screams “PIG” like rubber. Thank you HDK Fisting.

Dax Reed is seriously a fisting PIG. I think you have to earn the title PIG. Whatever you are into you have to wallow in it. It needs to be something you truly crave and when people see you indulging, they say “Damn he is one hell of a PIG.” Dax does this. At one point he stops Bill Marlows’ dildo work, rolls over and presents his ass for fisting. Bill has no problem giving him the hole punching he is craving. I was just waiting for that star tattoo on Bills wrist to disappear up Reed’s chute.

This only scene 2 HDKFisting.com has more to see and it’s just as raunchy.

Big fist forces its way into hairy hole dripping with lube
Bill Marlow punch fucks Dax's hole
Dax Reed getting his hole punch fucked by Bill Marlow

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