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Sub Bottom Ashley Rider Submits To Beefy Top @ UKNM

Hot young ass forced open with large toy by older ripped stud
Smooth young ass forced open with a toy
Young jock forced to take a big toy in his young hole
AShley Ryder learning to take a huge toy in his young ass

I actually applied for the dildo testing position at UKNakedMen.com but it looks like Ashley Ryder beat me out for the job. I don’t know why; I gave a very enthusiastic interview. I guess I’m not as talented as Ashley Ryder’s bottomless boy pussy. Although I am sure Korben David could shove those rubber missiles any where he had a mind to. I even applied for the stock boi position. Sure the pay is less than stellar but look at those perks! Who wouldn’t want to feed their hard cock to an eager subbie boy after during a long day at work. I guess Victor had a better résumé.

The worst part, after they finished spit roasting Ashley they put him on the floor and shoot their loads all over him. Damn that could have been me! See the other Jobs I didn’t get at UKNakedMen.com.

Young smooth ass plugged with a toy while hairy jock gets head
Ripped jock playing with young smooth athleteAshley Ryder being fed cum from uncut dick

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Twink Gets Piss All Over The Toilet @ Boys Pissing

Tattood twink in the bathroomSkinny hairless twink pissing with hard on
Hard teenager cock pissing in the toilet
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Hard teenagers cock pissing on toilet

Turk Mason, at Boys Pissing is a hot little fucker with the right amount of innocence mixed with dirty, pigboy. Reminds me of a Scrub ‘N Fuck I once invited home for a night of debauchery. Bought a coupla six packs, hung out, played video games. Before I knew what was happening, he was in my bathtub, still in his clothes. His dick was out and he had pissed himself. He wasn’t exactly wasted but he wasn’t sober, either. I figured he wouldn’t know the difference so I just whipped it out and pissed all over his hair, face and clothes. Little fucker even gargled with it. I wondered what depraved soul corrupted him, wishing it had been me when he shoved his own throat on my cock to deep throat me. By that point I didn’t care. I was just glad he was a human urinal.

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Cum covered twink cock pissing
Smooth boy washes cum off his chest with warm piss

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Jayden Taylor Drinks 2 Loads Of Piss @ Boys-Pissing.com

Twink Jayden opens his mouth wide for boy piss
Raven-haired twink guzzling hot piss
Twink kid Jayden loves drinking fresh pissCute boy Jayden opens mouth wide for piss dribbling down his chin

I’m sure twinky Jayden is legal but he definitely fits the “barely legal” label. This skinny little twink with the big angelic-looking eyes appears to be every bit the altar boy, but the only holy water Jayden Taylor gets into is the hot yellow kind that comes out of a dick. Lucky for us, he’s one of hot boyish models at Boys-Pissing.com.

Lucky for him, young dudes Mike Roberts and Ryan Conners are on hand to empty their bladders and feed the thirsty piss slut their loads. But even two piss streams aren’t enough for this whore… he’s got to feel his own hot piss on his face and body too. After he sucks both their cocks, he can’t wait to feel them in his ass so the pair take turns plowing his tight twink hole.

This kid’s such a horny, hungry whore and already so kinky, we can’t wait to see where’s he headed. Check him out here…

God knows where Boys Pissing get such young and raunchy twinks, but I’m just glad they find ’em, ’cause it’s fuckin’ hot watching these young guys have dirty sex…

Skinny piss slut Jayden pees on himself and drinks fresh boy piss in the tubSkinny boy Jayden pisses on himself in the tub with two other boys around
Hot top kid with goatee plows little twink Jayden's tight ass as other cute boy jacks off nearbyHot young goateed top fucks little twink Jayden doggy style against the wall

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Who Needs A Urinal When You’ve Got a Twink? (Boys-Pissing.com)

After hosing Jayden with their piss, three twinks begin to fuck him and each other. Twink suckig big cock.
The pissing begins.Twink in yellow t-shirt gets soaked with piss
Twink opens wide and swallows piss. Three cocks  surround one twink.
Twink hosts two pissing cocks in his mouth. Pretty boy smiles after having three hunks spray him with piss.

God I love it when twinks are serious pigs… In this scene from Boys-Pissing.com you’ve got twink Jayden who LOVES drinking piss, getting covered in piss and smelling like a urinal… And he’s got three buddies helping him achieve his goal. They start out by hosing him down while he’s still fully clothed, then they get naked and keep on going…

Jayden is so fucking cute and such a raunchy pig… What a great combo! I just hope he doesn’t get married and move to the suburbs or something. A cute piglet like that needs to get used over and over again…

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Jayden opens his mouth to swallow some piss. Hunk pisses over twinks chest.
The boys love pissing on this kid. Jayden joins in on the pissing after 3 men piss on him.
Juicy cock spills juice into twinks mouth. Twinks cock erupts.
Satiated Twink Pig

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