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High Intensity Rauchy Gay Sex From Dick Wadd

Two muscle tops piss on a guy in a sling
Marc Hamilton covered in piss
Three gusy line up to piss on Marc Hamilton
Bud drinks down a warm load of piss
Buds Pierced cock pissed on by Marc's hard dick
Hot young top fed a load of piss from a bottom

Put text here about BarebackBox.com is a site that focuses on bareback fucking. They have a wider array of models from twink to trashy. This offering brings us a bunch of muscle piss pigs. Each one of them gives as well as they get.

The models in this photo set are Marc Hamilton, Patrick Stone, Tucker Ford, Marcus Scott, Bud, Taurus, Eric Rogers, and Chet Thrasher. My google-foo has failed me so I can’t tell you too much about these hot horny guys except Marc Hamilton (the guy getting pissed on in the second photo) was in my all time favorite Pup-Play video. He didn’t get pissed on and seeing him covered in piss now makes me feel a little disappointed in that film. He is defiantly a piss pig who should get soaked in every film he does.

This set very raunchy which I like. Though there is more in the complete video at Dick Wadd videos at BarebackBox.com such as fisting, piss enemas, and some cummy bare back fucking.

Bud eats out a guys hole before he raw fucks him
Inked pig Bud tongues a guys tight hole
Thick raw cock pushed into hungry hole
Bud getting his hole fucked while the top gets his hole fisted
Bud getting his hole fucked raw
Pig waits in a sling to get his ass fisted
Bud's hot hairy ass in a sling
Buds pierced and hairy hole ready for more raw cock

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Black Pig Pumps His Cock And Uses White Sub @ Fetish Force

Mick Powers sucking Lee Mane's fat pumnped cockLee Mane getting his fat pumped up cock sucked my Mick
Lee Mane pumps his fat cock while Mick Powers licks the pumpbearded pig slurps black cock
Black muscle stud Lee Mane pumps his cock while musccle bear Mick Powers worships it on his backMick Poers forced to lick the pump Lee Mane is using on his cock

In this scene from FetishForce.com Lee Mane has a sizable dick and Mick Powers has a sizable appetite for dick. It’s a match made in… well it looks like a warehouse, but it’s a great match none the less. Lee is a hot black daddy, and putting him in leather just makes him that much hotter. Every single pic shows him in control of Powers and the clip shows more of the same.

The majority of the clip has Lee’s cock in a plastic tube getting pumped up to an impressive monster of black flesh. Because it’s encased in plastic it’s strictly look but can’t touch but that doesn’t stop Powers from going at it like it’s deliciously forbidden candy trapped behind glass.

The climax of the clip has Powers on his back with Lee fucking him with his extra engorged member. The full scene has sucking, rimming, dick pumps, muscle worship, tit play, deep kissing and fucking. Head over to FetishForce.com to see it in all its glory.

Lee Mane tongues Mick's tight pink ass
Mick ready for Lee's fat black dick in his hole
Mick takes Lee's thiuck black cock in his tight assMick Powers bent over to get his ass fucked by Lee Mane

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Bearded Pig Is Flogged, Then Fucks @ Fetish Force

Daddy Ken kisses his tied up boy Danny Daddy Ken flogging tied up sub boy DannyDaddy Ken Bruan flogging tied up boy Danny Mann Danny Mann's beefy hair muscle ass in a jock

Fetish Force is quickly becoming one of my favorite haunts on the web. Their actors are rough and manly. The sex is raunchy and hard. They are carnal and dirty and that is just the fucking. They have every flavor of debauched fetish that I enjoy participating in and a few I have yet to tick off my list, but ARE on my list.

This clip starts out with Danny Mann (whipping boy) and Ken Braun. Everything I have seen of Ken with a flogger in his hands is amazing. If you are in to flogging you need to watch the entire video on the web site Ken has a few tricks worth picking and using in your own play. I especially like the bit where Ken is able to wield the flogger so it strikes Danny’s back and ass in each swing. If you prefer to be on the other end of the whip Danny can show you how to take it like a Mann.

The power shifts slightly when Danny has Ken sprawled out ass up on a leather table. Braun has a nice ass and his jock displays it wonderfully. He slides from Dominant flogger to an ass up bottom pretty quickly. Danny has him in various positions as he rims Braun’s ass. One particularly hot position you get to see in the clip had me thinking “Damn! Tongue fuck that hole bitch.

When Braun’s hairy hole is sufficiently spit lubed Danny brings out a monster dildo, which he wields as expertly on Ken as Ken wielded the flogger. Again I advise interested parties to take notes. After the dildo Ken gets fucked. He gets fucked hard and you can tell he enjoys it, pushing his ass back meeting Danny thrust for thrust, moaning like a (manly) fuck slut in heat.

The clip is hot but the whole scene is hotter. Go to FetishForce.com and watch the whole thing it is worth it.

Danny forces a toy into Ken's tight muscle buttKen Braun getting his ass abused by Danny Mann Furry Danny Mann forces a huge toy in Ken's tight ass Danny Man inserting his cock into Ken Braun's tight muscle ass

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Muscular Older Guy Lick Boots And Gets Fucked BB @ Bareback Masters

Cameroin Cruise sucking cock
Austin Black abuses Cameron's ass
Austin spanks Camerons ass with a riding cropAustin fingers Cameron's hole on a cage

This clip cums to us from BarebackMasters.com. That’s Master with a capital M. As in you say Sir when you address him. And you wait to address him until his dick is through with your mouth and ass.

I am in hog heaven every time they leave the leather on when they fuck. Really any time the clothes don’t come off I get hot. It’s like they are there for the fucking and they plan to get in fuck hard and raunchy then get out. On their way to seed another hungry ass or get another load perhaps?

The clip is fairly standard. It’s a montage of the full video. Cameron Cruise is the cum thirsty fuck boy. He starts the clip on his knees orally worshiping Austin Blacks leather daddy dick. His slobber has already spit shined Black’s leather cod piece. From this we move on to a wide shot of his ass and well lubed hole getting abused with a ridding crop. The crop even stays around for the fucking. Cameron gets a few nice swats on his cheeks while getting fucked by an impressive (and bare) cock. We don’t get to see Black cum in the clip but we do see Cameron spray his load all over Blacks leather books and lick it up. The clip ends with Cameron look utterly content at his Masters feet.

You can get more of this at BarebackMasters.com. It’s worth checking out for the hot pics and sample video on the main page alone.

Austin ready to raw fuck Cameron's ass
Cameron Cruise getting his ass fucked raw by Austin Black
Cameron Cruise licking up a load of cum

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Pervy Raunchy Sex – Dick Wadd @ BarebackBox.com

Group of hot naked construction workers fucking
Huge greased up toy invades tight ass
Jessie Balboa getting his ass punch fucked
Freakzilla works his bare fist into Jessie's ass
Jessie Bloboa's bare hand in Boyhous's hairy ass

I give BarebackBox.com props for authenticity. I have been on construction sites and remodels. They look very similar to the area this was shot in, without the naked men, piss pigs and the massive dildos which I think is a shame. Nothing really says “home” like a piss thirsty slut ridding an obscenely large dildo. I think every home should have one. Two if it’s a large home. After all I hate it when I want to use the Piss-boy and it is already in use. These guys don’t seem to mind it though; they take turns and even share.

What really gets me hard about this video is that there is just so much. The ass toys are huge. So are the guys, and the streams of piss. It’s all fists and grease and sweat and fucking. This is the type of raunchy dirty sex that the pig moniker was coined for. Being the impressionable little fuck that I am it makes me want to go find 5 guys of my own for a piss and cum session of my own.

There are a fuck load of videos on BarebackBox.com to watch. Including the first Hard Hat Pigs. This is the sequel. Don’t worry if you missed the first one the riveting and highly nuanced plots of these two films are unrelated.

5 guys unload their warm piss on a willing pig
Furry cub drinking piss running off a table

Bearded Piss Pig

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