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Hot Guy Raped At Gunpoint In The Desert @ Fetish Force

Two cowboys abduct a rape victim at gun point
Rape victim abducted at gunpoint in the desertCowboy holds down a rape victim while a tattooed guy fucks him
Tattooed Logan McCree rapes Scott TannerVictim cries out in pain as he gets held down and raped
Muscle guy yells as he gets tied down and raped

Thank you Fetish Force. I love to see porn stars acting. And it’s a western! Who doesn’t love a good western? Guns, boots, wrangler buts, and the occasional violent rough and tumble fucking; all the classic tropes of the genre. Throw in some gun play, and a resistant bottom that needs to be broken in like a mare in heat, and I think we struck gold.

Scott Tanner is the bottom in this scene. I am not sure what he did to get Logan McCree, and Ricky Sinz so riled up but if it were me, I would do it again. Logan and Ricky each get a turn ridding Tanners ass. Whichever one not fucking the poor bastard is holding him down. In the end they all cum, so I think a good time was had by all. If not at least I enjoyed watching it.

This is only a clip. To see the whole scene go to FetishForce.com.

Rape victim gets manhandled by two tattooed rapists
Guy struggles to get free as he's violated by two tattooed rapists
Rape victim has a hardon while he's held down and violatedBeautiful hairy ass gets fucked by a big dick
Ricky Sinz rapes Scott Tanner while Logan McCree holds down the victim
Scott Tanner screams for help while he's getting raped

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Sub Bottom Ashley Rider Submits To Beefy Top @ UKNM

Hot young ass forced open with large toy by older ripped stud
Smooth young ass forced open with a toy
Young jock forced to take a big toy in his young hole
AShley Ryder learning to take a huge toy in his young ass

I actually applied for the dildo testing position at UKNakedMen.com but it looks like Ashley Ryder beat me out for the job. I don’t know why; I gave a very enthusiastic interview. I guess I’m not as talented as Ashley Ryder’s bottomless boy pussy. Although I am sure Korben David could shove those rubber missiles any where he had a mind to. I even applied for the stock boi position. Sure the pay is less than stellar but look at those perks! Who wouldn’t want to feed their hard cock to an eager subbie boy after during a long day at work. I guess Victor had a better résumé.

The worst part, after they finished spit roasting Ashley they put him on the floor and shoot their loads all over him. Damn that could have been me! See the other Jobs I didn’t get at UKNakedMen.com.

Young smooth ass plugged with a toy while hairy jock gets head
Ripped jock playing with young smooth athleteAshley Ryder being fed cum from uncut dick

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Beefy Tattooed Daddy Takes A Fist @ HDK Fisting

Bill Marlow and Dax Reed ready to get nastyDax Reed ready to worship hard Daddy dick
Har raw dick pounds hair hole
Hard raw dick ready to fuck tight hole
Hairy hole forced open by huge toy

First let me say I love the shiny rubber jock. Leather is the standard for kinky play, but first in my raunchy heart is rubber. It seems dirtier, more industrial. Seeing it on this beefy tattooed daddy really does it for me. I could see this rubber fucker taking a hard raw dick in a back alley somewhere. In my mind nothing screams “PIG” like rubber. Thank you HDK Fisting.

Dax Reed is seriously a fisting PIG. I think you have to earn the title PIG. Whatever you are into you have to wallow in it. It needs to be something you truly crave and when people see you indulging, they say “Damn he is one hell of a PIG.” Dax does this. At one point he stops Bill Marlows’ dildo work, rolls over and presents his ass for fisting. Bill has no problem giving him the hole punching he is craving. I was just waiting for that star tattoo on Bills wrist to disappear up Reed’s chute.

This only scene 2 HDKFisting.com has more to see and it’s just as raunchy.

Big fist forces its way into hairy hole dripping with lube
Bill Marlow punch fucks Dax's hole
Dax Reed getting his hole punch fucked by Bill Marlow

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Cute Blond Piss Pig @ Boys-Pissing.com

Redheaded lad in pee-soaked shortsCute shirtless boy with tattoo in Asian characters has wet himself
Cute carrot-topped boy with slim body in tight white briefsThin boy pissing all over himself
Cute redheaded slut likes the feel of his hot piss all over his chestCute redhead plays with his hard dick and a big dildo in his ass

Not sure where Boys-Pissing.com gets their guys, but I want to move there! It’s like the place breeds kinky guys. Most twinks are so inhibited, but these guys drink piss like it’s their mother’s milk… Truly twisted, in a very very good way… I mean who could complain about a twink who sees himself as a urinal.

That’s definitely the case in this scene with Jacob – a lean, defined, sorta muscley blond twink who’s wants something up his butt and piss in his mouth. Seeing these pics makes me want to piss all over him, get him smelling really rank, and then fuck him outdoors, face down in the dirt… Maybe a barnyard so he smells of piss and cow manure when it’s all done. And the cum leaking out of his ass would add yet another wonderful smell to the mix.

Whatever Jacob went through to turn him into a young pig I think we should have as mandatory training for all young gay twinks… Let’s get masses of kinky twinks. In the meantime Boys-Pissing.com is the closest thing to that fantasy… Check it out!

Skinny redhead drinks his own piss
Cute scruffy lad pissing in his mouth and drinking it
Cute redheaded boy pissing in his mouthRelaxed young man makes himself wet with his own piss
Cute skinny redhead all wet and grabbing his dick

See More Twink on Twink Piss Action @ Boys-Pissing.com

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