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Beefy Hairy Daddy Fisted By Smooth Jock @ Dark Alley

Hot young jock top about to wreck a hole with with fist
Hairy pig takes a young tops fist up his hole
Bare fist wrist deep on a pigs hungry hole

Rivers of piss, gaping holes and manly men attaching their cocks to everybody they can find is what DarkRoom.DarkAlley.com offers for you to enjoy in a very nasty way.

We have a great contrast here, with a ripped, smooth brown jock and his hairy daddy, mature and sexy with a thick beard. Daddy is in the sling, wide open for his boy, letting you know that looks can be deceiving, and while daddy looks mean and nasty and boy looks sweet and innocent, the boy is in charge here and he means it. He plays the hole of his daddy with magnificent skill, taking him to places. You can see that Dad really enjoy is, with his eyes rolling, his primal groans, his body hair erected, his ecstatic face. The boy might be young, but he’s certainly not a novice, as he can make his daddy touch heaven, as he touches his innards.

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Bare fist opens up  beefy hairy ass in a sling
Bare fist opens up a hungry ass

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Masked Muscle Hunk Fists Latino Pig @ HDK Fisting

Masked top Hans Inya working his fist into a tight assMano Ryder strokes his cock while getting his ass opened up
Masked top Hans Inya working his bare fist into Mano's tight hole
Masked top Hans Inya working his bare fist into Mano's tight hole

Well it’s Christmas so I thought I would give you a little red (hankie) action today. To be fair HDKFisting.com did most of the work, but I suggested adding the green straps for the Holiday color scheme. I hope you like it.

The hungry hole is Mano Ryder an experienced fisting bottom. His ass can and has swallowed huge dicks and forceful fists. The other half of this raunchy pair is Hans Inya. He is sporting the pants tightening rubber mask. Woof. The video is pretty straight forward. Hans plunges his forearm as far in to Mano’s chute as it can go, then pulls out adds more grease and forced his way back in. Mano grunts like the eager fist pig he is which Hans takes to mean he should go deeper, which he of coarse should.

It’s easy to be so focused on Mano’s abused hole that you miss a few other hot elements. Hans has a huge pierced nipple and it’s at full attention in profile in a few shots. And I love when Hans punches so hard the sling shakes.

If you can’t get enough fisting, and honestly who can, unwrap your meaty package, take it in hand and go over to HDKFisting.com.

Hans Inya working open a tight hole
Mano lays back in the sling while Hans works his ass open

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Sub Bottom Ashley Rider Submits To Beefy Top @ UKNM

Hot young ass forced open with large toy by older ripped stud
Smooth young ass forced open with a toy
Young jock forced to take a big toy in his young hole
AShley Ryder learning to take a huge toy in his young ass

I actually applied for the dildo testing position at UKNakedMen.com but it looks like Ashley Ryder beat me out for the job. I don’t know why; I gave a very enthusiastic interview. I guess I’m not as talented as Ashley Ryder’s bottomless boy pussy. Although I am sure Korben David could shove those rubber missiles any where he had a mind to. I even applied for the stock boi position. Sure the pay is less than stellar but look at those perks! Who wouldn’t want to feed their hard cock to an eager subbie boy after during a long day at work. I guess Victor had a better résumé.

The worst part, after they finished spit roasting Ashley they put him on the floor and shoot their loads all over him. Damn that could have been me! See the other Jobs I didn’t get at UKNakedMen.com.

Young smooth ass plugged with a toy while hairy jock gets head
Ripped jock playing with young smooth athleteAshley Ryder being fed cum from uncut dick

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Well-Fisted Jock Hole Gets A Rosebud @ Hothouse Dungeon

Claude messages Pauls tight back
Claude messages Paul's tight holePaul Tuner's smooth pink hole
Paul Tuner ready for Claude De Martini to pound his hole with a huge dildo
Claude froces a huge toy into Pauls tight ass

This scene from FISTING BIG LEAGUES – Hot House Dungeon shows us that after a long hard sweaty work out there is nothing like a deep tissue massage and fisting. If I got this kind of intimate attention from the personal trainers at my gym I would be a dedicated gym rat.

The scene starts out when Claude De Martini arrives to give Paul Turner a massage. Claude focuses on Paul’s glutes and willing hole, giving his ass a rough digital probing before moving on to an oversized black dildo which is eventually discarded in favor of his own meaty fist.

Paul shows us he can give as well as he can take when Claude throws his ankles in the air and offers his hole up for some abuse. After some vigorous hole punching and throaty grunts. Claude shows off a beautiful rosebud. For more hole stretching go to Dungeon.Hothouse.com.

Claude deep fisting Paul's smooth ass
Paul Turners smoth ass hungry for another fistClaude Me Martini is proud of his rosebud
paul gets two hands into Claude's tight hole
Paul takes turns double fisting Claude's holeCalude's well fisted hole produces a rosebud

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